What startups can learn from the recent flick, Pellichoopulu


A girl. A boy. An arranged marriage bride meets groom situation.  Pellichoopulu is every bit of comedy that you expect it to be. A classic comedy tale with a lot of fun sprinkled around to make you laugh and think at the same time, why not look at the movie from an entrepreneur’s perspective? A movie about a highly unlikely couple starting a life together has got a lot to look and ponder about. Don’t trust me? See for yourself.

1)    The relationship between co-founders must NOT be formed in a typical pellichoopulu

Now you might argue with the success of arranged marriages, but I’ve got a hulk in me to boast the awesomeness that lies in love marriages. Co-founders to any company must be off in full understanding with each other. You just cannot pull in someone randomly to be your co-founder. There is a certain chemistry that must work between people (Ok nope. Not the chemistry you’re inferring to) for them to co-work as founders.

2)    You’re past won’t help you. You’re present will

The protagonist in the film has seen some bad times. Sure backlogs in engineering and a failed relationship do suck out the life in you, but that is what keeps you moving forward with a great flavored life. You might lose your clients, you might have a failed startup, but believing and being committed to your idea and what you are capable of is important. Mistakes make you a stronger person tomorrow.

3)    Think. Execute

In the second act, when the heroes of our film have finally established their business, the hero fails to deliver the food as promised and instead boozes the money and has to take a quick and failed alternative. Now this happens a lot in startups where people just dunk up the investments and fail to deliver the product/service in time. Planning and correct execution are important for any startup to succeed and make it big.

4)    Go with the flow. Things will turn out well eventually

If the heroine wouldn’t be ready for a change, there wouldn’t be any story for us to watch. At times, you need to go with the flow and let things change. Clinging to your present won’t make you feel any better. You might face a lot of difficulties while pitching, scaling or at any part of starting up. Never let it make you fall. Go with the flow, be open to change. Things will turn out well.

Directed by Tharun Bhascar starring Ritu Varma and Vijay Devarakonda,

Pellichoopulu is a brilliant romantic comedy for a great time. Go watch it at the theaters near you today!!

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