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The movie to watch Sully by all startups

Sully is creating waves at the box office with the audience all over the world cheering to the movie. The movie directed by Clint Eastwood, starring Tom Hanks as the flight officer Sully, is doing exceptionally well at the box-office. The story is biopic adapted from the autobiography Highest Duty by Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and Jeffrey Zaslow. The movie revolves around the ill-fated US Airways Flight 1549, which was landed on the Hudson River immediately after the take-off from LaGuardia Airport after Airbus A320 was hit by a flock of Canada geese, disabling both engines. Without engine power or any airports within a safe distance, Teterboro Airport being the closest, Sully decided to ditch the aircraft on the Hudson River. Sullenberger managed to land the aircraft in the Hudson with no casualties. The press and public immediately hailed him as a hero.

Tests conducted for the National Transportation Safety Board suggested that the left engine was still running at idle. Theoretically, this would have left Sullenberger with enough power to return to LaGuardia or land at Teterboro. This raised fingers at Sully intimidating him with career-ending results.

There are certain lessons Startups can learn from this:

Risk management

Startups should know that no theoretical model or simulation result matches the human instincts when it comes to Risk Management. In the hour of adversity, Sully decided to land the plane on the Hudson River which proved out to be the best bet. Had he relied on the simulation results and gone ahead that would have been a great flight disaster.

Always willing to take a risk

Sully was open for the challenge to land on Hudson River rather than finding the nearest airport. Who dares wins is the life Sutra. One should be willing to take the risk, as the saying ‘no pains no gains’.

Believe in yourself

Sully believed in himself no matter what the simulation results and the NTSB reports suggested on the Flight loss. It was after fishing out the engine from the river they found that the left engine was totally blown off and the simulation results were wrong. Finally, Sully and his stand on the Flight handling were applauded. So believing in self is very important no matter how situations or the theories suggest. Startups need to understand that, all the big companies around the world now have been either termed as useless or waste of effort, but the key lies in enduring the tough chances and moving forward with a belief.

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