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Studpreneur says don’t be a robot in an MNC startup now

Zenith Reddy, final year student of Nalla Malla Reddy engineering college started a student media portal called Skyups Media. Zenith is known for JNTUH updates, blogging and digital marketing. Zenith was never dreamt of starting his own startup. It’s exactly when Zenith completed his intermediate; it was the time when whole Telangana people were struggle for new state formation. Students and all other institutes are declared holidays under sakala janula samme. During holidays Zenith was spending his time watching tv shows and playing with friends.

During holidays Zenith used to watch Maa music where Maa music was mentioning Facebook page of Maa music . Zenith was keenly interested to know what does Facebook and social media do.  With the curiosity he started Facebook page with an investment of Rs 11 (which was used to recharge his Sony Ericson z530). He started posting entertainment stuff, film updates, advertisements etc.. In no time his page reached 60000+likes in 2012 . That gave him confidence that he can do something and create an impact in the society.

One day he met a lead actor Anrup, he suggested Zenith “you have a huge network why can’t you promote them in your circle”. Zenith started promoting for 5 films and one day he started Skyups media for advertising, online promotions and movie campaigns. The name was kept after sky, which has no limit. Similarly Skyups media should also be the same . Read more stories of Studpreneurs.

Reaching out to many students and all other engineering colleges’ Skyups media started its results and student materials online. Zenith started collecting the best study materials from all colleges in his network and created a platform for students where they can get their result updates, notifications, study materials. He could reach out to 150+ colleges and 2 lakh students. Skyups Media has conducted few digital marketing, blogging workshops in engineering colleges.

Zenith did not know that he was good at something, he just started on what he had and he could earn 3.5 lakhs per year via Skyups Media. Skyups Media has partnered with many college fests and events in and around Hyderabad. Zenith said that Skyups Media is now one of the top student networking space and also said they are coming up with an android application which enables the travelers to search, visit and review the places.

Zenith advised the students, as we see many entrepreneurs are starting their startups in many fields, don’t be just as a robot working in a MNC contributing a small part for the MNC. Start on your own create opportunities and employment for people. Lead your own life. Use all your creativity and innovation to chase the things in your life says this Studpreneur. Read Startup News.

Studpreneur says don’t be a robot in an MNC startup now
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1 Comment

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    October 21, 2016 at 7:25 pm

    The article is helpful but RIP English

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