Reliance Jio free PR worth $100M before launch ?

Reliance Jio Free PR

Even before launching their product, Reliance Jio got free PR worth more than $100 million? What startups should learn from this?

With the end of all those speculations on the launch date, and years of rigorous planning finally Reliance Jio’s massive project is up and running at its top gear!  With the entry of Reliance Jio in the PR domain, the trend is somewhat baffling, reversed and in its back gear!  How come a start-up can teach the existing ventures? How comes a newbie be competent enough to wipe out its seniors? How can a fresher venture succeed that fast? Well, wait while we answer your queries and tells a fairy tale worth learning from!

Ambition, hardcore planning, vigorous execution, substantial forethought are the USP’s of Reliance’s Jio launch. Of course, they did not create a legend in a flip of a second .With Reliance Jio only aiming to cobble up around 100 million subscribers in only the measured “record time” as against the current mobile internet subscriber base of 150 million in the entire country. This launch has sent shivers down the spines of the major telecom operators in the nation and a major rise in their blood pressure is reported!

Following are the benchmarks laid down by Reliance Jio for the upcoming startups. If at all you are not on par with not even a single amongst the following then we’re already sorry for the sadful demise of your venture even before its birth! So if you’re looking for “larger than life” span of your firm here are a couple of key lessons to inherit from!

One of the vital features that all startups are to blot from Reliance Jio is considering PR everything but optional! A mere entry into the entrepreneurial world is not enough to suffice you through. You need to be well armed with your public relations before diving into the battlefield. You need to be crystal clear with your vision and rock solid with your targets. Subscribers to be targeted in the next quarter and targeted average revenue are all those bits and tricks which you need to be well versed with! Take a lot of notes from its rock-bottom pricing and wrath with public relations, as it already has announced a death knell for all the sick upcoming ventures.

Then we’ve got another lesson for you which are building entry barriers for other firms. Be so good that they think twice before entering your marked territory, which cannot be constructed in a single day. It took Jio almost six wholesome years to build a foundation that others fear to invade! Ground works and preparations are enforced ever since. From PAN India 4G airwaves in 2010 to substantial investments in the tower to fiber technology in the last couple of years. Eventually, their ‘’Data play “game is so that strong that it might take other players several years to hover around the profits lying accrued to them.

No doubt all of the operators will compete vigorously and at par with their best in the market. We are sure to bring you great inspiration to help each other to rise to greater heights while doing so. Incumbent operators have significant advantages over new entrants since incumbents have well-established networks. Healthy and prolonged competition is the lifeblood of a vibrant economy; it’s the very engine that drives innovation, creativity and customer value. Today, a target for team JIO to acquire 100 million customers on the JIO network in the shortest possible time and create a new world record and a whole new definition of startup goals! Well if you’re learner you can also create one. Because legends are nothings but inspirations! More Startup Blogs.

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