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Points to keep in mind during your startup journey

Begin your startup journey with some guidance

When an entrepreneur comes out with an idea and starts a company many aspects come into play. For an idea to blossom like a flower the main requirements are an office to implement the idea and like minded people to work on that idea. While talking about the like minded people. This is one the toughest task to be done. This process involves a lot of patience and eats lots of time. As it’s a startup crucial steps should be taken to survive the competition. The most important aspect recruiters look for in candidate is zeal to work for the company. This zeal in employees make the company shine and successful. And talking about success, we have a saying “ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY”. To reach the goal it takes years of determination and patience and work. To make your imaginations into actions the CEO has to interact with the employees time to time and guide the employees. The main reason most of the projects fail is due to lack of communication in the team. Communication therefore plays a vital in development of an idea. For instance my budget is peanuts but I need quality resources to run the show. I touch base with every employee on regular bases to show how he/she is important to make this startup a success.

Ideal place for executing your idea

An ideal place refers to a place where all feel the comfort doing their work. The work area should be very inspiring and pleasing to eyes. There should be good working environment which make the person work actively and enthusiastically. One can work efficiently only if he loves what he is doing. People who are lazy to work should be fired immediately because that quality may be acquired by others. There should be constant KT(Knowledge Transfer) between CEO and employees so that everyone has a clear idea what is going on. The work area should consist of latest equipment, this makes employee work better. In case you do not have a state of the art facility, don’t worry. Just make your team feel like home with a smiling face and appreciating them for their work.

Dealing with the pressure

There is lot of pressure on each and every person working for the startup. Every person strives to lead the company into success. One pushes beyond his limits for company’s success. To handle so much pressure enough recreation has to be a allotted. All employees have to have Harlem Shake to release stress, because one does not have to dance specifically. Have a small walk in corridor and have a hot sip of tea/coffee. The most important quality the employees receive from CEO is trust on them, and that keeps them moving. In my case I have an office surrounded with beautiful trees, so everyday after lunch the team goes on a walk to enjoy nature. The walk always cools down my investor post weekly meeting. Read Startup Stories.

Points to keep in mind during your startup journey
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