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India is a Growing Economic hub. Let’s find out which city has best Start up potential

India is considered as the world’s fastest growing economic centre. India is ranked 7th in the world’s largest GDP and third in PPP (Purchasing Power Parity). In recent times India  has the largest youth population and the World Bank is seeing India as a strong contender for startups to emerge. But India is vastly divided into several states and cities. Thus it calls for an analysis as which city scores better in establishing startups.

1) Bengaluru – Needless to say, Bangalore is the IT capital of India. Software giants like Infosys, TCS, Wipro have their headquarters in Bengaluru. The city hosts premiere educational institutes like Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Fashion Technology. In addition to this, the city has a commendable night life therefore youth population is bound to grow  in this city.

2) Gurgaon – This city has come a long way from 1970, when Maruti Suzuki established a plant there. Presently the city houses regional branches for more than 250 Fortune 500 companies in the city. Companies like IBM, Pepsi, CocaCola and Microsoft have their Indian headquarters in Gurgaon. Therefore its a good city for starting new business.

3) Hyderabad – This city is popularly called the city of pearls for its pearls and diamond trading. The World Bank has ranked Hyderabad as the second best city for business opportunity. Companies like BHEL, Defence Research and Development Organisation, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited have their headquarters in Hyderabad. To add to the glory, the city has big offices for Microsoft, IBM, Google and Yahoo. The city as well as its suburbs have a strong economic zone.

4) Chennai – As for its booming automobile industry, Chennai is called the Detroit of India. Hyundai, Renault, BMW, Nissan Motors, name any motor industry and you have there manufacturing plants in this city. Apart from that, World Bank,  Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and Royal Bank have offices in Chennai. Telecom companies such as Siemens, Nokia, Airtel and Dell also have offices in Chennai

5) Bhubaneswar – This city is a surprise entry but ranked first for business by World Bank. This city of temples already have offices for Infosys, Wipro, Mindtree and TCS. Several small and mid sized companies have opened up in Bhubaneswar.

6) Mumbai – The grand finance and commercial capital of India continues to hold a good future for several small and big start ups.

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