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PlayStation VR – 360 Degree Playfield

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Here is the opportunity to enter the virtual world of gaming with Sony’s PlayStation VR, known by the codename Project Morpheus.

Be it in 1935, when Stanley G Weinbaum introduced the concept of virtual reality in his short story “Pygmalion Spectacles” describing a goggle-based virtual reality system with holographic recording of fictional experiences including smell and touch or be it in 2014, when Facebook purchased Oculus VR, a company that makes virtual reality headsets for $ 2 billion. All the gaming enthusiast wanted to be in the game rather than sitting in front of the TV screen.

PS VR, officially launched on 13th of October, 2016 offers virtual experience in the field of gaming with its 5.7” OLED screen and a 360 degree vision providing an exotic virtual experience of being present in the game. The 3D Audio discovers the new cutting-edge audio quality that lets you accurately perceive the direction and distance of the sound coming from. In the same way, the built-in mic allows the player to converse with their online friends, discuss the game-in-tactics and strengthen the immersion in the virtual world.

You want to play in the new world? Stop by PlayStation VR. A new gaming world – a new gaming experience.

VR is all about the virtual presence in the gaming and the PlayStation Camera helps in tracking the position of the headset and ensures that the gamer is in the centre of the VR gaming universe. The presence of 9 LED lights in the front, back and sides of the PS VR ensures pinpoint accuracy while playing.

The Dualshock4 and PlayStation Move Motion Controller takes the full control over the VR Experience and gives a deeper sense of presence by further enhancing your gaming immersion. PlayStation VR also enables the player to connect to the TV Screen with Mirror Mode, letting others see what they are able to see in the VR head-mounted display. This also allows their friends to join with a separate mode and display a different view of the action on the TV Screen as a second player.

Even though Google introduced its Cardboard (DIY Stereoscopic viewer for smartphones) or HTC in partnership with Valve Corporation to launch HTC Vive and controllers, along with its tracking technologies, PS VR is the innovation that needs appreciation from the gaming community.

Like any other technology developed, even PS VR also has its own backlogs as it shows limited support to Xbox One, Wii U and PC. Being launched at $400 globally, PS VR is supported with the help of PS4. And for all those gamers who want to experience the virtual gaming world it is a hitch without it.

PS VR is a new dimension to the gaming community and investing money in it is never a bad option for all the gaming enthusiast. Play hard and experience the virtual gaming world which you have always dreamt of. Read Startup News.

PlayStation VR – 360 Degree Playfield
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