7 Best Video Games From E3 2016

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7 cool must play video games for 2016

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016 has been a really great relief for the entire core and die hard gamers. Reboots, continuations and new additions all in all it’s been a rocky ride and here are the best video games to wait for this year.

1)    We Happy Few:

Remember the book 1984? Well, the cold war has brought us anything but peace. We Happy Few, set in 1964 is a game where people are all high on an altered reality drug and a creepy down regime with constant monitoring upon these. Follow the protagonist as he is a Downer (off the pills guy)  as he tries to elude the dystopian reality to a world of free will.


2)    Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

A game loved by all generations alike, Legend Of Zelda stands true to the word EVOLUTION. The new Breath Of The Wild gameplay trailer shows off the best there is to offer to the fantastic world of beasts, mythical creatures, swords, adventure and what not.


3)    Detroit: Become Human

The will to choose is what makes games fun. In real life, all you get to choose is once. You never get to relive any other moment after a good or bad choice. That’s what makes us human. Detroit Become Human is where you play an android and choose each and EVERY step of the game, making it the ultimate choice based gameplay there is to offer by Sony.


4)    Titanfall 2

Guns and FPS are what made CS 1.6 great. Now add robots, destruction and cool gizmos to choose from with added awesomeness. Ladies and gentlemen, please laud for Titanfall 2 which promises to be the best FPS for the year.


5)    Watch Dogs 2

An oversized gateway to anarchy(or a rebellion?) with punk youth trying to give a hard time to the good old government, watch dogs 2 has improvised on every bit of its previous version. The hacking into systems, jumping off rooftops(I heard the Batman is pissed) makes Watch Dogs 2 even cooler and an anticipated game.


6)    Spider-Man

The crazy old lovely wall-crawler is back. This time even more colorful(more white than blue and stuff..bleh!) and even more ass kicking and bombastic acrobatics. Marvel’s greatest hero and Sony’s greatest buy is back on the virtual streets of Queen’s to be the friendly neighborhood Spiderman for the New York city, PS4 and you too.


7)    God of War

Relive the gore of war with the God Of War. It has everything from the original series with a touch of the future. Fight monsters and walk along jungles looking for a deer all as if not a mosquito died, the walkthrough released at the E3 is promising and is sure to set a high.


Indian gaming companies are also competing at global space, but lately we are seeing very few companies in E3. Click here to know more about Indian gaming companies.

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