Zomato invests in Hyderabad based TinMen which delivers food from home chefs

Hyderabad based Homemade food delivery company TinMen has raised investments from Zomato.

 Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal Announced the same on twitter.

Tinmen – sometimes, happiness is homemade

Over the past year, we have been working towards the idea of a kitchen-less world wherein most people would have access to great food and healthy meals at the same price or cheaper than the cost of preparing them at home. In the long term, we think that only hobbyists will cook at home – cooking should be something that people should want to do because it’s a joyous activity for themselves or with their loved ones, instead of it being a chore.

Of course, this is a distant dream (at least in India), but we are working on a bunch of exciting tech-led initiatives to build better accessibility to great and hygienic food for our users. In tandem we are also exploring alliances with existing players, big and small, to help surface a larger variety of healthy meal options to our users. In that spirit, we just made an investment into a startup called Tinmen – an efficient and modest little company which provides easy access to home cooked meals at affordable prices, for thousands of people in Hyderabad.

The home chefs on Tinmen use fresh ingredients and offer a variety of choices while also allowing users to choose what they would eat for lunch as well as dinner. Tinmen is already delivering over 30,000 orders a month, and we see this number steadily multiplying over the next 6 to 9 months.

Users love Tinmen – and we love them too. Zomato and Tinmen will work together (initially in Hyderabad, and then the rest of the country) to provide access to better food for more people. Through Tinmen’s unique operating model, they also generate a steady stream of revenue for their home-chefs – thereby creating earning opportunities for people who love to cook great food out of the comfort of their homes.

Earlier TinMen raised seed rounds from a group of angel investors.

Key USP of tinmen happens to be the scheduler app where you plan your homemade lunches and dinners in advance.

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Zomato invests in Hyderabad based TinMen which delivers food from home chefs
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