Pharmatech startup MUrgency gets funded by Wipro

Wipro’s founder, M.H. Hasham Premji’s son, Rishad Premji has invested an undisclosed amount in the Mumbai – based pharmatech startup MUrgency. This investment made by Rishad Premji is expected to be between Rs. 50 cores and Rs. 70 crores. MUrgency provides ambulance services for emergency medical situations. The startup started with just two ambulances and was seed funded by IDFC, HDFC, Acumen Fund and India Value Fund. The startup now has over 2500 ambulances, attending to over 7500 patients a day. The startup has been growing at an annual rate of 30% ever since its inception in 2002. ‘1298’ is the number to be dialed to avail their ambulance service. The MUrgency mobile app shows doctors, nurses and paramedics in the vicinity of the user. The user can then tap on the required person and key in the nature of illness or emergency of the patient. The user will receive a call shortly from that person, who will come to attend the patient within the stipulated time, as shown in the mobile app (similar to Ola or Uber mobile app, which shows the stipulated arrival time for their cabs). Read more on Medical Startups

“The call response yields a billing of Rs. 350, but the additional charge of any medicine or care given on average comes to around Rs 3,000 per call”, a user of MUrgency’s mobile app said. “Today if there is a minor emergency, like an artery that gets cut on a finger, you call your physician without any timeframe in mind to cauterize it. It is not a high skill requirement, but speed is of essence. That is the gap MUrgency is trying to bridge”, the Company’s spokesperson said. MUrgency tests its medical professionals before listing them on its portal. Hospitals like Fortis have tied up with MUrgency to be listed on their mobile app.

Speed is essential to treat any type of accident. Any delays can cause the patient to become critical. MUrgency is helping in this regard by providing doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners in the vicinity of the patient, quickly. This quick response and the booking convenience given by their mobile app will help save a lot more lives. The Government of India should fund and promote more useful and innovative startups like these. Read more on Startup News

Pharmatech startup MUrgency gets funded by Wipro
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