Media tech startup Zapr Media Labs receives investment

The broadcaster company, Star India Pvt Ltd, which is owned by 21st Century Fox, has made an equity investment in the media tech company, Zapr Media Labs. The exact figure of how much Star India invested in Zapr is unknown but it is estimated to be between US $ 8 to 10 million. Star India has picked up a minority stake in Zapr by means of this investment. Zapr’s technology allows users to view and interact with their mobile screens on TV. Zapr and Star India intend to work together to create new and enhanced technology to enhance the experience of mobile users. Zapr claims to have a database of channel viewers’ pattern and intends to sell it to product manufacturers and advertisers to help them sell their brands better. Zapr was founded in February 2012 by Deepak Baid. Mr. Baid is an IIT Madras alumnus and had earlier worked with Everest Group. Read more on Investments

This investment made by Star India in Zapr will enhance the mobile users’ experience. People will find it much more enjoyable to play their mobile games or view their mobile applications in the big TV screen as opposed to their small mobile screens. The technological cooperation between Star India and Zapr will bring about new technology which will enhance the mobile users’ experience further still. The Government of India must create a business friendly environment in India which will boost investments on innovative Indian startups like Zapr. Read more on Startup News

Media tech startup Zapr Media Labs receives investment
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