In a first, Pinwi clinches user validation by raising funding from Moms

A data-driven, smart parenting app – Pinwi, today announced that it has raised seed funding from Mothers. Pinwi stands for Play-Interest-Wise and is an interactive, daily-use mobile app for parents to both map and manage their children’s ever evolving interests in an impartial way. It is built on the foundations of acknowledged theories and principles of child development and learning and backed by months of intense research on what frames our interests. Pinwi uses a proprietary data-driven interest mapping methodology to examine data that is collected directly from children over a period of time, to generate useful insights to help parents focus on and respond to their children’s interests.

In a first, Pinwi has raised funding from mothers who have been users of the app during its research and beta phase. The funds raised will be used to scale up and for user acquisition. Earlier this year, Pinwi won recognition as an upcoming start up at ASSOCHAM’s ‘Startup Summit & Tech Awards 2016’.

Pinwi is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The app offers personalized insights into what drives a child’s interest and recommends activities based on these insights to parents with children in the age group of 6 to 13 years. It has a separate user interface for parents and children creating a unique app experience for both.

Pinwi was founded by Rachna Khanna and Ankit Kesarwani in early 2015. It is backed by a team of like-minded professionals, mothers, teachers, educators, and a developmental psychologist who have ideated to develop Pinwi as a value solution for parents to empower their decision making.

“There are so many ways to assess children’s appitude and measure their performance, but there is no easy or objective way for parents to map their children’s interests. Our core idea is inspired by a very simple insight – that children stay interested in things that make them happy and that there is no better way to know what makes children happy than to listen to them carefully, smartly and consistently – everyday day after day. We have just turned this insight into data points and this data is meaningful to every parent who wants to make sense of their children’s likes and dislikes and keep up with the ever evolving nature of their interests. With just 5 minutes on Pinwi everyday, parents can stay focused on their children’s interests and never lose sight of what makes them happy. And isnt that what all parents want – to raise happier more fulfilled children?”, says Rachna Khanna, Chief Executive & Innovations Officer, Pinwi.

As a parent, I am always caught between the ideas of instinctive parenting, and a very deliberate thought-through parenting approach. Every child is unique, and so is the combination of his/her interests, which change frequently in the early years. This can be unnerving for parents. I decided to invest in Pinwi because I totally believe in the idea that research and data-driven solutions are very much the need today”, said Mukta Naik, an Urban Planner, Architect, Mother and an investor in Pinwi.  “I find that I am noticing things about my kids, aged 12 and 8 that I wouldn’t have noticed without the help of Pinwi. If you are a busy parent—and aren’t we all?— Pinwi can help you discover fresh new ways to nurture your child into a capable adult”. Read more news on Indian Startup Funding.

In a first, Pinwi clinches user validation by raising funding from Moms
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