Entertainment startup Pocket Aces raises US $3 million fund

Pocket Aces is an Indian digital – entertainment company. The company announced yesterday (15/12/2016) that it has received an investment, equivalent to US $3 million from global investors like Sequoia Capital India, Aarin Capital led by T.V. Mohandas Pai, 3one4 Capital, Axilor Ventures and FreeCharge founded by Kunal Shah and Sandeep Tandon. Read more on Investments

“Within fifteen months since the release of their first piece of content, Pocket Aces is reaching an audience of over 20 million people on a weekly basis. The company’s brands: FilterCopy, Dice Media and Gobble have completed over 180 million organic video views on the back of heavy social sharing and high retention rates”, claims the company.

Pocket Aces generates revenue through ads in its website and so far it has given good business for its clients like: Penguin Random House, Marico’s Saffola, Godrej’s Cinthol, FreeCharge, Tinder, Swiggy,, Little App etcetera. Pocket Aces was founded in 2014 by Ashwin Suresh and Anirudh Pandita. Both of them are engineers. Ashwin Suresh was a former investment banker and Anirudh Pandita was a former private equity professional. Pocket Aces runs three brands namely:

  • Filter Copy:

    is a platform where news of all kind, which is informative or funny or interesting is published. The news is published on a wide variety of domains like fashion, celebrities, sports, politics, economy, crimes etcetera.

  • Gobble:

    is a platform where information is given on how to prepare various kinds of food items. A list of the ingredients required is given. Below that, procedure of how to cook the dish is given and they even post a video showing the dish preparation. This brand, run by Pocket Aces, is particularly popular with the ladies.

  • Dice:

    is a video platform where they post fictious but funny This brand is popular with people of all segments, right from children to teens to adults.

The entertainment content published by the Indian digital – entertainment company, Pocket Aces, is both informative and funny. It caters to people of all segments right from children to women to teens to adults. It’s a very good source of information and entertainment to people of all ages. It is heartening to see a useful Indian startup like Pocket Aces, get funded by global investors like Sequoia Capital India, FreeCharge etcetera. The Government of India must fund and promote more of such useful startups like Pocket Aces. Read more on Startup News

Entertainment startup Pocket Aces raises US $3 million fund
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