Under 25 Summit – Glorifying the youth of the city

under 25

Under 25 Summit Hyderabad was held on 31st July at T-Hub, IIT Hyderabad

Youth! The feel of adrenaline, the joy of being alive. The celebration of young talent around the city is what that was about at the Under 25 summit which was organised yesterday at the T-Hub, IIIT Hyderabad by the Under 25 Club.

Young talent from all around the city attended the summit to showcase, see, enjoy the bliss of the said talent and also to network with different people. There were 2 stages set at the T-Hub one sponsored by Morning Fresh and the other by Treebo Hotels.

The panels were all lit with wise and witty speakers which were an enjoyable experience for the enthusiastic crowd present over there. Famous celebrities and remarkable individuals have attended the event like the lead playback singer Sreerama Chandra and Film director/producer Praveen Sattaru as well among a few to mention.

Guinnues record holder, a double degree holder and the youngest charted accountant at the age of 19, Nischal Narayanam was present at the event. A celebrated math genius who has an incredible range of academic achievements, Nischal has displayed his memory prowess to the audience present by memorizing all the random numbers given to him by the audience and spelling them out in the very same order as given to a huge round of applause. Prominent beat boxing legend Vincent Vineeth was present much to the smiles and woo!!s of the audience.

The event was all glittered up with the art work of Sushma Juttukonda, an impressive handwriting artist who attracted great attention to her artwork displayed. Sri Priyatham, another artist cum illustrator was also present with his artwork as well.

The lunch followed by a stand up comedy session by Shyam Tenali and then a music act by the Bugs and Daffy. Prominent student focused organizations such as AIESEC and StuMagz were also present at the event.

Under 25 Club, which is based out of Bangalore has had a great success in the said city and the Under 25 summit Hyderabad is its venture into the awesomeness of the youth in Hyderabad and seems like it sure did a really impressive job here. Apart from a few scheduling glitches and organizational imbalances, the event was smooth in the whole.

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