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Reboot Event– Discover , Learn , Fly High- 30th September to 2nd October

Most undergraduate students have been busy hustling through college life and those entering the undergraduate Eco system have been busy choosing the education path they want to ride upon. In this busy academic lifestyle most students end up graduating without having any knowledge about how the corporate world runs. They set a certain perception about the work culture and these perceptions may not always be true which leads to their expectations to be crushed.

Reboot is a 3-day intensive residential conference hosted by Spaceman and Mammoth, an educational startup. Rebootacts as a window to corporate work spaces where students delete their prior perceptions and work towards realizing their true potential. After reboot, we aim for our delegates to start with a fresh perspective of industrial work culture with the knowledge of where they stand in today’s market; either as entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs or regular employees. The Reboot team does not believe in classes or lectures and so they incorporate experiential learning in the form of team based activities that teach unconventional ways to generate ideas that could potentially turn into businesses.

Reboot is happening on the weekend of September 30th to October 2nd at Divya Retreat Resort in Hyderabad, Telangana. The conference starts on Friday, Sept 30, at 10am until Sunday at 5pm. The delegates will be going through an experiential journey through all three days and and two nights at the resort. The agenda has been set for their entire stay at the conference.

The residential conference also includes a camping experience as the delegates sleep in tents, go on a trek on the second morning and also have a bon fire night. They have also planned for a dandiya night for on the second night to promote socializing amongst the students with the previous Reboot attenders and Spaceman and Mammoth interns.

We also provide delegates with the opportunity to network with entrepreneurs from various sectors to seek for internship opportunities. For the October Reboot, they have various start ups like Isthriwala, Profectus and the Coffee Culture team coming by to enlighten students about their entrepreneurial journey. They also have a few industrial speakers coming from within the industry to motivate students about their journey towards success and how they reached there.

To sum up, Reboot helps you introspect and understand yourself better; gears you up for the job market and gives a forum to network with the crème-de la-crème of the city’s work circuit through various activities, interactive sessions and power packed speakers.It is an experience that is highly recommended for students from the undergraduate colleges. Do not miss out on the opportunity!


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