Hack 4 Hyderabad – an event for budding entrepreneurs

hack 4 hyderabad

Hack 4 Hyderabad. A 2 Day Workshop To Bring Out The Problem Solving Entrepreneur In You

Any problem can be solved when the youth of today actually sit down and deal with the same. Hack 4 Hyderabad is one such event where developers, researchers, entrepreneurs and academicians of all sorts come forward to help the city. Continuously hacking for 48 hours, they use actual city data to find solutions to problems that the city is facing.

Organised by Progress Works and Startup Carnival, with a great array of sponsors and partners which involve IndianCEO,, GitHub, the August Fest, Startup Carnival, Ideal Innovations, Maker Camp, Temboo and Jet Brains. Hack4Hyderabad aims to bring out the best of the solution as part of their 48-hour hackathon and teaching all of the participants a graceful knowledge of IoT, BigData, Ethical Hacking and gaming.

Teams will be formed and which work collaboratively and build prototypes which help solve real life problems existing in the city. They will be helped and guided by professionally experienced mentors all along the way. Conducted on 20th and 21st of August, the hackathon will be a guest to the generous hosting of Vishwa Vishwani Institute Of Systems and Management.

“What we as youngsters need to do is not to wait for someone else to solve the city’s problems. If history has taught us anything, it is just stand up and get the work done yourself. The participants will be learning to do the same” Says Shaista Fatima, EMCEE of the hackathon. Students and professionals from different domains in the city are joining hands to make the event a successful one.

The entire hackathon will be over a span of 48 hours and the scheduling details can be found here( . People who are registering themselves can find the tickets here( The ticket costs 600 rupees but with a coupon code of startup carnival can get you a discount of rupees 200. So why waste time on the internet? Go get yourself registered soon.

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