GetMyUni- Redefining Youth Experience one student at a time

For every flustered student out there at the verge of making the major life decision of choosing a college or program; are at the end of their wits after hours of research and are drowning in doubts, here is where you should look- GetMyUni is a one-step recruitment solution for colleges, equipping students with High Quality Student Leads and Highly Cost Optimal Marketing and Communication solutions.

GetMyUni is a Times Internet Backed Ed Tech start up. They help students make the most important decision in their lives, by providing them access to exhaustive college information, data points, student given ratings, reviews, forums and a student connect platform.

How it all began

Hardik Thakkar and Upneet Grover were friends since the time they worked at Infosys, and had always planned on starting a company together. But it wasn’t until they were stranded in a state of turmoil about choosing a college to pursue their Post Graduate degrees that their plan materialized.

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In June 2014 they decided to work on establishing a social search platform for colleges, and in February 2015 they launched GetMyUni, a fast-growing student engagement platform, helping students make an informed decision about their future.

The Struggle

From among a lot of struggles like keeping the business afloat, managing finances, browsing for colleges to partner with, perhaps the biggest challenge for GetMyUni was getting the right information for their portal. Even though the data was available, it was scattered, and our founders had to rely on their connections to get useful and accurate info. That’s why their primary focus was creating a social connecting platform so that students didn’t have to face the same difficulties that they were facing.

They did overcome this problem with the ingenious idea of launching campus ambassador programs and in product marketing programmes. This got GetMyUni spoken word marketing. And once they were known among the students, it wasn’t late before the students started writing unbiased review of colleges to help aspirants make an educated decision.

Then they made it Big!

Having applied to the TLABS in January 2015, they were dismissed for being too young a business, but if they had enough traffic by the next batch, which was in June, then they would be considered by the accelerators for funding. By that June, they did have enough traffic and made it in the August batch of the TLABS start-up accelerator program; they received the funding of $50,000.

Then and Now

Having started with just 5-6 employees, the GetMyUni team made its way to the Springboard co-working space in Koramangala, Bangalore. And just in three years they have about 150+ employees, a revenue run rate of 10 Lakhs, and 40,000 reviews of 11,000 colleges. They have a traffic of around 8 Million per month, which culminated to achieve an Alexa Rating of 2100.


His Advice

The co-founder, Upneet Grover’s advice for people who are aspiring to start a start-up, and have it reach excellence as much as Upneet’s venture did- “Do it for the right reason!” Upneet adds that this might sound cliché, but he continues to say, “The reason can be money, the reason can be fame, or the reason can be wanting to solve a problem. But whatever the reason might be, it should keep you motivated for the next ten years. Because making a company takes time. Know your reason as to why you are creating this company, and whether or not it will you keep you motivated for the next ten years.”

GetMyUni- Redefining Youth Experience one student at a time
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