How to Make an E-Commerce Site in A Day ?

E-Commerce website design and development is now easier and cheaper to do. Don’t believe it? Here is now.

Everything below will guide you on how to go through the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to set up your personalized e-commerce website. Once you have read this article, you will have no good reason – not to launch your e-commerce store, instead, you will find how can it be instantly setup.

There are two standard and basic ways to put on an e-commerce website.

1- Build yourself (self-hosted)

2- Pre built from e-commerce platforms. If you have tons of Money to invest – go with the option

1 which is typically built for advanced merchants and specific custom requirements. The better option for your business is probably a pre-built store with platforms like Shopify, Square space and Weebly. The long wait period for building these sort of websites have shorten down to few hours a day. With tools like these, all barriers to quick design e-commerce websites have been eliminated.

Quick up and running – basic functionalities

Do some research and decide for yourself the platform you would like to use as a tool to build your e-Commerce website. The most widely used platform for the sake of quick build is Shopify and is recommended for its usability, hosted solutions and huge database of starter templates.

For all of them who are not aware of HTML, CSS – please stay rest assured that this is non-programmer friendly and the Shopify has tons of precisely designed templates readily available.

The most convenient feature offered on Shopify is the payment processor. Typically one would have to go through a long procedure for setting up payments gateways; in order to accept payments. The other option is to use a third party gateway which is not a fulfilling experience for users & you could also eventually lose some sales.

Shopify offers its own payment processor and relieves you from the pain of going to the third party. It recently announced integrated POS system that works with iPads for merchants.

Power up your eCommerce website with Fulfillment services:

Fulfillment services can further help you to stabilize your eCommerce store. This advantage is not taken by most of the retailers. Using these services means you never have to worry about shipping. For all those who are growing fast into retail, cannot keep up with shipping manually due to the orders in bulk and warehouse constraints. Fulfillment services are the perfect fix to this. Amazon Fulfillment services are the best example one can experience.

Taking utmost advantage of eCommerce Platforms:

There are no special functionalities you must go through to set up anymore, everything is readily available. Yes, you read it correctly – no more taking the pain. Readily available to use designs are all set to prevent the labor-intensive process and fulfillment can be streamlined.

Not only these readily available platforms look great, but they also get you a shop up and running instantly. They also provide you with robust services; can handle tons of stock keeping units and much more functionalities as such – product reviews and Facebook plugins.

Surprisingly the process that used to take months to set up, can now be set up in one day. Technology is definitely getting better with more robust features.


Now that you know you can launch your eCommerce store in a day and probably hit the sale in another week. Do not delay yourself, because the common mistake most of the people do is not trying.

You know how easy and convenient it is to get a customized store up and ready. Next, you are probably looking for one of the best professionals in mobile app development Company and we hire within the service industry.

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How to Make an E-Commerce Site in A Day ?
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