Easemy GST builds on the capability to enable 1.5 lakh plus enterprises to meet the GST compliance

In the light of fall in the GST filing rate for the month of August compared to July 2017, EasemyGST, a GST software application company said that the company would be targeting a good portion of 45% of assesses, which are yet to file the GST. Ashish Mittal, Co-founder EasemyGST, announced, “The company will be servicing MSMEs at the annual package of Rs 15000 for GST related services. Our aim is to enable faster compliance and ensure competitiveness in terms of pricing.”

Speaking on the delay in compliance by the enterprises, Mittal said, “Data for collection of GST by Union and state governments for the month of August shows drop by 3.6%, compared to July 2017. The alarming fact for the month of August shows that almost 45% of assesses have still not filed returns. The most critical situation will arrive when GSTR1 filing will not meet the expected numbers.”

As per the latest data, the total number of taxpayers, who were required to file monthly returns for August was 6.82 million, of which 3.76 million filed returns. Therefore, the need of the hour is to take the services of ASPs along with GSPs for GST filing and avoiding the interest for late filing of returns, Mittal added.

Ashish Mittal, Co-founder EasemyGST

Speaking on the situation, Mittal said, “Almost 20% of the tax payers will be routing their invoices to be uploaded through ASPs next month. The real impact will take a month to be measured but we have the IT and technical capability in each domain to accelerate the pace of filing and cater to the volume. Easemy GST has expanded on its capability to enable more than 1.5 lakh enterprises to meet the GST compliance.”

On the persisting gaps in the GST compliance, Mittal said, “The frequent changes in dates and platforms by the government for filing the GST were one of the reasons for delaying the process of filing.” “Consequently, the service providers like us also needed to calibrate our software and train human resources to cater to our clients”, Mittal added.

Easemy GST builds on the capability to enable 1.5 lakh plus enterprises to meet the GST compliance
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