Dear Startup, why don’t you inform before shutting down?

startup shutdowns

These days we are reading news about shutdowns, valuations differences and laying offs. This 2016 has been unexpectedly a U turn for many startups..

As per the sources, so far 4000+ startups registered this year. Many of these start ups (Food delivery, Grocery delivery, Fashion) are having the lack of innovation, funding, scalability and margins.

I am a techie and follow trends in the industry, always up to date with things happening nationwide.

I would like to share my friend’s concerns with you all at this platform:

My friend is a semi tech person, who recently started buying things online after a lot of hesitation. Now she is enjoying the convenience though.

Now a days, when she need anything first she would check for apps before finding a direct option.

She used to buy grocery from few apps. Recently she came to me and complained that her internet is not working for few apps. Tried on the other network, this time also she got the same error. But she said the problem could be with the mobile.

Actually, the start up has shut down their business.

But my friend didn’t agree with me, because she bought grocery many times through the same app, her last order was just a few weeks back. Their support team response was also good.

Finally, after a couple of searches, she realized that they are not operating.

She said ” I was a loyal user, there was not even a good bye message from them. I was carrying this dead app from a long time. Where can i find which apps are not working? ”

Dear start ups, we request you to follow some exit etiquettes. It should be a planned exit and not a run away.

  1. Send an email and SMS to the subscribers about your shut down
  2. Remove your app from the app stores
  3. Delist and remove your site promotions or remove the portions
  4. Withdraw coupons
  5. Please called off your marketing activities
  6. Do a press release in the reliable source about your shut down
  7. If you have plans to come back, please share the same with timelines
  8. Ensure to remove bill boards.
  9. Help /customer support emails should auto respond to users about the shut down
  10. Just push a notification to uninstall the app.

Finally, the startups should remove the scrap that has been spilled all over while marketing/ branding.

Keep some room for the new startups.


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