Narendra Modi – India – CEO Kundali

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi  is the CEO of Indian Government; Prime Minister.He was born on 17th sep 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat. His kundali speaks well about him. He has a dynamic, attractive, and magnetic personality. He is passionate, brave, smart and very ambitious. His intuition will be correct in all the cases.  He is a born leader and creator and will surely achieve his goals because of his perseverance and stubborn nature. His plans and strategies are generally hidden by him and but will have clear vision to achieve the goals.

2016-17 year

Pending new initiatives will be completed successfully in this year. There will be bigger gains in trade through foreign travels.  Self care is essential to take care of health in the coming days.

Narendra Modi future

Presently moon maha dasha period is going on from March 2013, it will be till march 2023. Internal dasha is Jupiter till june 2017 followed by internal shani period for a period of 2 years till Jan 2019. This dasha period till 2023 is a superb period brings him the heights of glory and will have no look backs. No opposition. Read more CEO Kundalis.Data from our Priest Partner


Narendra Modi – India – CEO Kundali
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