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One city that is trending with the Startup Buzz is definitely Hyderabad. This credit goes to none other than K. Taraka Rama Rao (Minister for IT and Panchayath Raj- Telangana). Post Formation of Telangana this minister has been working like a CEO to bring pace to the startup scenario in Hyderabad and He is the only politician who is taking pride in building Hyderabad startup brand.

Before coming back to India from USA where he pursued MBA in Marketing and e-commerce from the University of New York. He also worked as Regional Sales Director, INTTRA, before he decided to plunge into politics full time.

Like his father KCR he has authoritative command over speech and shows impressive confidence while addressing and speaking with people. His initiatives from the last 12 month period after TRS formed government have been a great boon not only for start ups in Hyderabad but also across the nation.

T-HUB office in Gachibowli

THUB incubator program  looks noting less than the biggest accelerator in the world like Ycombinator. He managed to get all the biggies including Ratan Tata(Chariman TATA group), Satya Nadella( CEO Microsoft) to endorse as well as facilitate future investments in the startups. The office looks better than most big silicon valley companies. The unique initiative offer Space at least cost apart from access to resources and mentorship. As this is in partnership with institution like  IIIT-H and ISB, Many entrepreneurs will get access to resources on demand for prototyping. Current phase of T-HUB is fully occupied with overwhelming response.

KTR said “This is not a building. It is an ecosystem, an incubator of incubators. Representatives from giants like Google, Microsoft, Nasscom and various incubators of universities will co-exist here. It is the first-of-its-kind government initiative and it is not for profit,”

As many as 150 start-ups have been screened from over 800 applicants. Based on their need, be it a fixed desk or a flexible desk in the building, they will be paying a rent of Rs 6,000 and Rs 4,500 respectively. The building’s seating capacity is over 900. In the second phase, the state government will develop another campus at Raidurgam adjacent to the upcoming Gaming City. “This is a 70,000 sft building but the one at Raidurgam would will have office space of 3 lakh sft. It will be ready in three years. The aim is to have a USD 100-million fund for the T-Hub and set up Hyderabad as the start-up capital of India,” he said.
Coupled with Narendra Modi’s STARTUP INDIA – STANDUP INDIA this new age Political CEO will change the picture of Hyderabad Startups to build the best Startup Nation.

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