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In recent years there have been many startups clouding online healthcare space by providing virtual consultation via email, phone and video. At the time of writing this post there are at least 30 startups in India alone. But the biggest problem in this segment has been the non availability of top expert doctors from various specialties participating in this. If a patient wants to get a second opinion from the best doctor in India the only way is to wait for months to seek an appointment spanning 2-5 minutes. as the name speaks solves this problem by getting you second opinion from the best doctors across the globe.

Any decision regarding our health is best taken in an informed manner. When right treatment is a pressing need of the hour in complex medical cases, a second option from reputed doctors is always helpful and reliable.

Many people avoid seeking a second opinion regarding disease diagnosis and treatment due to lack of information about other physicians or lack of time to visit them in person. Statistics available regarding misdiagnosis and misguided treatments however, point to an increasing need for a second opinion.

Speaking about the quality process in the Company CEO Mr.Suresh Kanumuri Says has digitized and streamlined the entire process of seeking second opinions from highly qualified, world-class doctors in India and abroad by facilitating the re-evaluation of your health reports and medical documents online. No matter how complex a medical case is, it will be meticulously reviewed with keen attention to details. That too for incredibly reasonable charges!” offers this service in all therapeutic areas including cardiology, ophthalmology, nephrology, neurology, endocrinology, dermatology, and gynecology. It has empanelled some of the most reputed physicians and medical experts in these fields. “We have a rigorous procedure for selection of doctors. Our selection panel shortlists and selects physicians based on their qualification, experience, reputation, contribution to research, and the institutions they are associated with. Doctors are registered by invitation only,” says Suresh Kanumuri, the CEO of This service to help patients has piqued the interest of best doctors from across the world. The process of building the panel of doctors from different countries is currently on.

You can reach out to the world’s top doctors for a second opinion on any medical condition through which works with doctors across geographies. There is neither geographical barrier nor waiting period to get in touch with right doctors on This is where stands out.

You just have to sign up, submit your medical case details and select the doctor based on your medical condition. The website commits 24 hour personal assistance to users.

Mr. Suresh Kanumuri who has more than 15 years of experience in information technology is the face behind this epoch-making startup in the health sector. He is also the founder and operational head of two more health and besides

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