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The Kho-Kho is one of India’s traditional sports. The Kho-Kho match consists of two innings of chasing and defending turns, which is each of nine (9) minutes. When a defender is out, he/she should enter the sitting box from the lobby. The chaser can pass-on their turn to any other sitting player by tapping them from the back and saying the term ‘kho’. Two (2)poles to chase in reverse direction. The runners play in the field, three (3) at a time and the team that takes the shortest time to touch all the opponents in the field, wins.
The opposite team will be chased and touched, just like Corona. Space in between players of the kho-kho game looks like distancing how it was maintained among people during 1st and 2nd waves in shopping malls. The game requires qualities like speed, endurance, flexibility, agility, strength and neuromuscular coordination, the highest degree of quick and brisk movements, very high grade of nerve reflexes and tremendous stamina. In order to fight with Corona also we need all these characteristics. 
Actually this game came out from one of the strategies adopted in World War I in 1914. Like how different Vyuhams were pre-planned in Bahubali Movie. The Deccan Gymkhana club of Pune, Maharashtra so named and baptized by the great Indian leader Lokmanya Tilak & Bhai Narorkar drafted the first-ever rules and regulations which symbolized the metamorphosis of the game soon to follow. Kho kho was exhibited in Sweden and Denmark in the year 1949. The years 1960-61 featured the Women’s Championship for the first time.
In Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Individual prizes were introduced in 1963. Man- “Ekalavya Award”,  Woman- “Rani Lakshmi Bai Award” , Youth- “Abhimanyu Award”, Sub Junior Boys- “Bharat Award”, Sub Junior Girls- “Veer Bala Award”. Arjuna Award. The Kho Kho Federation of India organized Men’s and Women’s Yearly Championship as Federation Cup In 1982. Kho Kho was featured in the Asian Games, 1982 for the first time in New Delhi. It was appreciated by Asian countries. After looking at its grand success Sports Authority of India and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India deputed their Coaches all over the country to develop the sport of Kho Kho scientifically at grass root level.
The Kho Kho Federation of England was formed by Brij Haldania, who developed the game to reach International level in 2013. With the collaborative efforts of Brij Haldania, with M.S Tyagi (Kho-Kho Federation of India), Sudhanshu Mittal (Asian Kho-Kho Federation) and Rajeev Mehta (Indian Olympic Association), in 2018, the ‘International Kho-Kho Federation’ was formed to govern and guide the sport of Kho-Kho Globally.
Ultimate Kho Kho, has signed a Three(3) years agreement with Reliance Industries-owned sports and lifestyle company RISE Worldwide as its exclusive broadcast production partner and league consultant on February 18th 2022.

Ultimate Kho Kho CEO Tenzing Niyogi said, “Our emphasis is to bring forth Kho-Kho’s new avatar and make it popular among the masses. We are delighted to welcome RISE Worldwide on-board. The game changes within seconds in this sport. It prepares the players to respond swiftly and in a different way, making them as dynamic as the sport itself. And this partnership will put major emphasis on the versatility within the coverage and creativity in providing uniqueness to different segments in the broadcast. I am also confident that with the coming together of Ultimate Kho Kho and RISE Worldwide, Kho-Kho is ready to take over India and the Globe.”

James Rego, Head of Broadcast, RISE Worldwide said, “We are excited to partner with Ultimate Kho Kho and take the game, which has been played in rural India for centuries, to the world stage. Viewers would get to see kho-kho in a stunning new avatar which will inspire youngsters and help grow the sport.” “High on pace, high on strategy, the enhanced version of this game will make for an interesting, high-octane viewing experience through our world-class production expertise, leveraging our multi-sport brand experience, multilingual content to lend thrill and intrigue to a fast-paced sport, engaging the audience. We are committed to working closely with the team at Ultimate Kho Kho to make watching kho-kho a world-class experience,” he said.
As per FICCI (The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, a non-governmental trade association and advocacy group based in India. Established in 1927, on the advice of Mahatma Gandhi by Indian businessman Mr. G.D. Birla and Purshottamdas Thakurdas), the country’s sports media and sponsorship industry touched about ₹95 billion in FY20 but will be growing at a slower pace to reach ₹150 billion by 2024. Sports-related employment agency Sporjo and FICCI said in their report that the industry grew at a CAGR(Compound annual growth rate is a business and investing specific term for the geometric progression ratio that provides a constant rate of return over the time period.) of 14% till 2020.

Ultimate Kho-Kho & Rise Worldwide
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