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In current times of mobile technology, it is a lot easier to lose weight, burn calories, eat healthy and stay fit than before. You can make your smart phone or any other smart mobile device act like a dietitian, fitness expert and health counselor for you just by installing the following apps for weight loss, diet maintenance, calorie measurement, exercise sessions, fitness goals, etc. With these ten best health apps on your smart phone, you can save a lot on the costs of fitness and weight loss programs. Give them a try to see positive changes in your lifestyle.



MyFitnessPal is one of the best health apps for weight loss in India. As the name suggests, the app helps with weight loss and fitness maintenance. Easy and efficient in use, MyFitnessPal gives access to a huge database of food tips and suggestions. Its ‘calorie counter’ feature helps users measure their daily calorie intake and cut on extra calorie consumption to reduce their waistline.


RunKeeper is a GPS-enabled health app for Android smartphone users. It is the simplest of all health apps in India when maintaining daily workout for fitness is a concern. As evident from the name, RunKeeper app helps to measure the impact of physical activities like weight training, trekking, walking, biking, jogging, etc. it is equally useful for a day-to-day fitness workout and a long marathon.


Pact is one of the most innovative Indian health apps for Android users. Unlike other apps, it keeps motivating users to cut on calories, eat healthy, and do workout daily. Pact will either credit to or debit from your account based on your performance in the weight loss tasks assigned to you. Use the app to stay motivated on your mission for weight loss and fitness.


Fooducate is not just another health app. It is an innovative food tracker that not only helps to measure your calorie intake but also works to make you read the nutrition grade of food packets by scanning barcodes. If a food item gets a negative grade, Fooducate will suggest healthier alternatives so that you can eat healthy and stay fit.

Weight Watchers Mobile

Despite our resolutions to lose weight, we often tend to overeat while working at desk and stay oblivious of what we should eat or what not due to hectic schedule. Weight Watchers Mobile is the right health app for those who struggle to keep track of their daily food intake. Though the app is free to download, the program is not. Users need to pay to get maximum benefits of the program.


If you need someone to count your steps during workout sessions and keep a check on your daily diet, Fitbit app can best accompany you. The app can be used independently or with a smart wristband. If used with a wristband, Fitbit will give you exact picture of each workout session or activity that you do to burn calories on a daily basis.

My Tracks

My Tracks is a super smart app for fitness conscious people. It records the speed and body movement of users during walking, running, riding, biking, and swimming. You can see the data live when the app records the speed, distance, elevation level and your effort. The app will also give a graphical representation of the path of your activities. You will also hear about your progress from the app periodically.

Healthy Food Chart

One of the ten best health apps for the calorie conscious, Healthy Food Chart is a handy digital guide on the nutritional facts of food. Most of us consume food in and out of home without knowing the nutritional facts. Knowing about the nutritional content of different food items which we consume in day-to-day life helps to make healthy eating choices. Using Healthy Food Chart, you can stick to a balanced diet despite irregular meals on work days.

My Diet Coach Weight Loss

If you fall short of mental effort to maintain a balanced diet, My Diet Coach Weight Loss will help you out. The app works like a nutrition coach to remind you of your weight loss plans and resolutions several times. It also keeps a watch on your food intake and eating habits. Users of this health app receive reminders about their exercise sessions. It also keeps them motivated by capturing their photos at different phases of their weight loss mission.

Eat Fit Diet and Health Free

It is one of the few best health apps for healthy meal preparations. Using other apps you can stay conscious of calorie counts, make healthy eating decisions, track your efforts towards achieving weight loss goals, but Eat Fit Diet and Health Free is the only app to help you prepare healthy meals with the right ingredients. It can also show you the effects of those healthy meals you cook and eat.

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