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Why Should The Startups Embrace Agile Marketing

It is always seen that in the first few years of the growth of a business, every penny which is  spent is critical. Every moment the message isn’t in market is thus  a moment that the  competition is however  winning over the  audience. The startups, by nature, are however required to do more with less on a daily basis, and when it however comes to marketing, many experience a dip-your-toe-in-the-water mentality.

There is thus a solution to the old, traditional mentality and the methodologies of marketing. It’s thus called as  Agile Marketing. The relentless pursuit of an iterating and also  scaling to bigger, better ideas with an efficiency and speed. A model which is however much better suited in order to keep pace with the entrepreneurial spirit of the companies today.

The purpose this article is to make the reader aware of the fact as to why should the startups embrace agile marketing.

Here are seven reasons as to why Agile Marketing is  tailor-made for the startups:

1. Minimizes risk

The Agile Marketing approach however results in  calling  for quick validation of the  ideas. Before launching of the full-scale campaigns, Agile however  allows one in order  to learn early if the concept resonates. Its foundation is thus however built on placing lots of small “bets” vs. one large one. First, one is required to  decide on an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) — this is considered as  the simplest essence of the  final output. Then, one is required to get it in front of the audience. A MVP might however either be a social post or an email, but its purpose is to thus gather the immediate learning. Ideally, it also  tests several versions in order to fail fast on the ones that thus  don’t work and also however  scale the ones that do. This process however takes the opinion and also  subjectivity out of the equation, because crossing one’s  fingers and hoping that a concept will work for the market does not however  protect the  investment, or would either guarantee success.

2. Drives results that lead to better ideas

Also , One of the tenets which is  of Agile Marketing is thus to start small, learn and then  scale. Once a person  understands  what a customer responds and then however  relates to, how one  improves  his output is thus critical. The Agile process thus  allows the teams in order to apply their learnings to a better and also  smarter version of their MVP — and thus that’s when the real iteration begins. This fundamental approach allows one in order  to keep up with and then also  stay ahead of the rapidly changing marketplace. These days it’s thus  a necessity in order to stay competitive, and one that the traditional marketing simply however  doesn’t allow.

3. Builds collaboration and trust

Also , The Agile Marketing process thus  inherently results in  building a  stronger teamwork between the internal and external teams. While a deep hierarchy was however  not normally an issue in the  startups, the only way in which  an Agile process works is thus if  the upper management is however  either an active participant in the process, or one however empowers  someone on the team in order  to make decisions on one’s behalf. It’s however about making the decisions quickly and also  not about watering down the ideas through an  internal gatekeeper.  Success also depends on the ability in order  to get raw (but polished) ideas thus out to the  consumers quickly. Daily stand-up meetings also  keep the momentum going and also thus foster an environment of however self-regulation and also  responsibility. The Key team members thus  gather every day for 15 minutes in order  to discuss three things: What did one  get accomplished the previous day , what would one accomplish today and what barriers are the  in one’s  way in order  to accomplish those tasks? Thus This constant contact and also collaboration however  creates true “community” within the workplace. Agile Marketing also requires trust, face-to-face discussions, decisiveness and also  a general feeling of the ownership across the teams.

4. Fosters a “culture of doing”

While one hopes that all the employees however have the same entrepreneurial spirit which one has , Agile Marketing thus also encourages a sense of urgency among all the employees in order  to “get it done.” If the right people are however  empowered, there are thus  fewer meetings, less wasted time and also  fewer roadblocks.

5. Results in transparency and confidence

With the  daily stand-ups and the  project management tools are however  designed in order to itemize tasks, assign the  owners and also  aid in real-time communication, all the  internal and also the external partners know:

  • Exactly as to what’s going on at all the  times during the project lifecycle
  • Who is however  responsible for what
  • How is the client’s money is being spent

However , an equally important piece to the workflow is however splitting the work into two-week sprints.

  1. Does more with less

Startups thus also have limited resources, and Agile generally allows teams in order to focus on as to what’s important and impactful, letting the  busywork fall by the wayside. By breaking down all the  projects (large and small) into the manageable deliverables, and also creating a backlog of all the tasks which is  to be done, the team can thus  work together in order  to however  promote the most pressing or thus easily doable tasks into the sprints.

7. Utilizes data-driven, real-time results

Startups can’t also however  afford to be slow to market, nor is thus there budget in order  to outspend the competition. But, one  can however  outsmart and also  outpace bigger, more cumbersome agencies and also  brands with the  Agile Marketing. It however also  allows (more like demands) teams in order  to stay on the top of trends, and also learn what the customers think in real time.

Also , the Agile marketing methodologies however allow the  teams in order  to quickly get an idea or a concept out to the customers early with the smaller budgets, less risk and also  better ideas. In the  today’s marketplace, being in front of the consumers with the right message, thus  at the right time, before the competition is however often the difference between winning and losing.

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Why Should The Startups Embrace Agile Marketing
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