A businessman must stop for a second in order  to think about what really motivates a salesperson. Recent research told that the No. 1 motivator is money. Following that it is the competition with the peers and  recognition for a job that is  well done but the

Sales leaders should however focus on  financial motivations by giving commissions and employee bonus plans that rightly reward the end result.

A motivated sales staff is always  critical to the success of the company. The relationships which the sales staff build with the clients and customers creates  the foundation of the  organization — not just in terms of individual sales, but also affects the overall reputation and growth.

However, capitalizing on the salespeople’s desire for competition and their recognition is often missing. The article tells about certain ways in which the sale’s leader can inspire salesperson in a way that is ore effective as compared to money .

Here are three ways in which the sales leader can  maximize the impact of the sales contests by aligning them with some coaching moments.

  1. . Launch

The sales leader must talk with his team about why they’re launching this initiative and how they will be measured, so that  the team is fully aligned. A contest here helps , as it makes all the participants aware of how the  others are doing, and it also makes the onboarding process a little more interesting. This would help in getting teams who are working in different offices to work together more often.

  1. Get executives to clang in

When the contest actually and the leader boards start to populate, and they get a key executive to weigh in. A  simple message of encouraging them for the work which they perform would go a long way by recognizing the  people for a job which is  well done and showing further evidence of the importance of the initiative.

  1. Coach performance

The Sales numbers are often shared publicly, but coaching reps to actually get more sales can be difficult. Real coaching gets into the weeds on the behaviours and it also helps to approach that lead to sales. A sales contest helps to bring that to life, as it helps to creates attention around a key initiative and the  presents results in an objective way, on a leader board that gives the sales leader a data which he can use in his  coaching.

Also some other ways in which a sales leader can inspire the sales person is by letting them share their :

Career experiences

Fun and financial rewards often work, but for some of the  employees, the ultimate reward is the opportunity which helps them to get ahead in their careers The  Managers should offer incentives that help the  employees to  develop skills to move to the next level, including their  own time .

There are also many different ways in order  to motivate a sales team. Some companies use quota programs with bonuses and also other financial rewards. Others go the “fun” route with ideas such as  contests, trips, tickets, dinners and other innovative rewards.  But the sales professionals , however  need more than gift cards or event tickets; they also want to succeed in their chosen profession by climbing up the ladder.

This article has been contributed by Himanshu Jain, CEO at LegalRaasta, an online portal for
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