How to create LinkedIn Business Profile that will get you Noticed

We already know that every professional needs a LinkedIn profile. It’s almost like Facebook for people with careers. Have you ever considered having a profile on this platform for your business? Think about it. There are already a lot of professionals on there from CEO’s to Junior Accountants. If you want to get your business noticed, you simply have to create a LinkedIn profile. As with platforms like Facebook, you see many business pages on there because it simply works. Adding one on LinkedIn is a sure way to get the brand out there to decision makers.

Here is how you create a business profile on LinkedIn and promote it without much effort.

  1. Company information

Start your business profile by gathering all your company information first. At the top of the LinkedIn page, select companies from the menu and then select, create a company page. Add the name of the company and then whichever email address you want the account to be created with. Now for the fun part, promote your company a bit by giving an overview of your products and services.

  1. Add an image

Your company probably already has a logo and you should add it to your profile so that it is easily recognized. By adding your logo to your company page instead of a personal photo, helps grow your brand. You want everyone to know your company and know your company logo. Check what the required dimensions for your logo are and resize accordingly.

  1. Update regularly

Whenever something new and exciting happens in your business, you want to do an update. Try and schedule these at set times so that your followers know when to expect an update. Any new products and services that you add show are featured in your updates. If you have great content to add, do so regularly. Perhaps you recently did budget app reviews and want to share that. Or maybe you need a budget tutorial and reach out through your updates. Whichever way you look at this, just make sure you update your company profile regularly.

  1. Promote

The idea behind creating a LinkedIn profile for your company is to promote your business. After you’ve created a profile, you want to start focusing on promoting the page. Add a link to the company profile to all your social media pages. You can also ask the employees in your office to do the same. Add a button directly linking people from your email signature because we send out a lot of emails daily and this is a great way to promote the page.

  1. Network

You need to reach out to others if you want to be noticed. Add influencers in your industry and potential customers. Follow other companies who you can learn from. The idea behind any social platform is to network and interact with others. Ask your employees to add the company page to their personal profiles so that they receive company updates immediately.


Promoting your business is where the success lies and you can take advantage of this great opportunity of LinkedIn. Getting your brand out to the masses may have been difficult years ago but it is no longer that way. We are able to reach millions of people over the internet and this should be seen as a massive opportunity to grow your business.

How to create LinkedIn Business Profile that will get you Noticed
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