Avenue Growth: Making speedy, flexible and scalable expansion easy for businesses

Avenue Growth is a Customer Acquisition Sales Solution platform, which helps in accelerating the growth of companies through an on-demand direct sales force. A complete sales solution to made the businesses excel with an instant association of Growth Specialist irrespective of the location.

Rachit Mathur is the brain behind the running wheels of Avenue Growth. Rachit has more than 10 years of rich corporate experience in Operations and Business Development. The concept of sales outsourcing is still somewhat new in India and is practiced less frequently in comparison with other developed economies like the US, Uk, and Germany, where the companies leverage maximum profit out of sales outsourcing. Because being an online first brand does not mean being an online-only brand. Offline interaction is imperative says CEO and co-founder of Avenue Growth.

The sublime rise in the GDP of India signals towards the expansion of various kinds of businesses across the nation. However, due to weak governmental policies, limited funds and confined geographical reach many ventures face difficulty in maintaining running sales operations. By studying thoroughly the pattern of business failure’s in India Avenue Growth find out that most of the businesses flunk are due to their poor sales and lead generation, which is often the primary source of income for any business. Sales are to be known as one of the strengthening pillars for any business.


Now the dwelling question of the hour is how can Avenue Growth further strengthen a company? Avenue Growth works parallel with you to accelerate your growth by acquiring new customers in a very unique way. Helping businesses reach out to new customers and increase their sales in a very effective way is what Avenue growth specializes in. With the association of professional Growth Specialist, Avenue Growth helps you to achieve higher sales.  Having this large scale of expanse, Avenue Growth offered its sales fleet across India for SME engagement.

Mostly small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in Tier 1 cities find it hard to develop a relationship with the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities due to the limited range of sales and marketing team, however the same issue is faced by the companies operating in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well to reach the customers of tier 1 cities. So in order to strengthen the small and medium enterprises in India Avenue Growth started with the idea of customer acquisition solution.

The major challenge upon which Avenue Growth assist you is with an on-demand direct sales force that you can activate instantly in any location to increase your brand presence without any prior investment.

Many brands want to bring SME’s onto their platform especially from Tier 2 & 3 cities but due to lack of face-to-face consultative connect finds it hard to sell their services and products. But with Avenue Growth’s sales solution this barrier has removed flexibly.

Human Capital is considered one of the largest investment for any organization since it requires an allotment of many resources. While many companies suffocate to bring highly professional result orientated sales persons on the bench due to lack of funds or sometimes the engaging sales team is also unable to bring effective results as per the expectation. And such competent efforts of the sales team went futile, the loss bearer has to be the organization.

Another crucial issue that inhibits the process of company expansion is the lack of physical presence in other cities. Since SMEs and other newly started ventures have defined geographical presence and limited availability of funds because of which seamless integration of business in new territory becomes quite challenging.

Keeping the diligent factors in mind, Avenue Growth’s customer acquisition solution is serving on-demand sales force solution at any given location to a wide range of sector. Whether it is Technology, Freight, Internet, Banking & Fintech.

The key structure upon which Avenue Growth works consist of a transparent pipeline procedure which can help the brands to reach the unmatchable scope of scalability to expand the reach of their businesses.

Market Trials: Avenue Growth helps businesses in exploring new markets without spending on recruitment and training.

Real-Time Feedback: Avenue Growth’s technology orientated system will allow the client to follow its progress report live and to gather valuable market specific feedback through integrated dashboards.

Increased Sales: Have a Growth Specialist personally meet and close sales with new customers.

Quick go-to Market: Unique method and expert growth specialist provide new customers in a matter of days.

Field  Support: Avenue Growth specializes in providing on-the-ground support, even in remote locations that may be out of the client’s reach.

Best Sales Talent: Avenue Growth understands the need of an expert when it comes to sales. Screening modules ensure that only the best sales team comes on board.


When any new venture takes place a medium of employment is created along with the country’s economic rise. This level of increasing SMEs in India is contributing towards the country’s development phase. The company’s aim is to make its clients business more seamless and effective by providing smart sales solution.

Avenue Growth: Making speedy, flexible and scalable expansion easy for businesses
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