Five (5) Ways to Motivate Employees

It is very important for the employer to keep the employees concerned and motivated towards the work so that they perform efficiently and effectively in the organization. Monetary incentives give a huge motivation to the employees but that is not enough, there must be some non monetary motivation too.

  1. Add Fun in your business model

If you remember the school days is through fun you have done in your classroom just remember those days and make your fun day on regular basis for the employees. Not necessarily it may be fun hour or contest or something else, it differs from employee to employee. This may be helping them to enhance the bonding with other employees which in turn will help in boosting team spirit and making the work environment positive.

  1. Show your Care for them

Employer have to care for every employee working under him/her, so that they feel good and remain motivated and work for the organization more effectively and efficiently. This doesn’t require hard work but just by giving a written note on their special days like birthday, giving a hand written note appreciating their work and makes them feel connected to the superior.

  1. Party Day

Who don’t like party? Everyone is interested in it. Employees will get a break from the regular routine in the workplace. Employees naturally get excited when they get that thing which they were thinking of. Be sure that everyone knew about the party in advance which makes them motivated, efficient,and a quick worker in the organization.

  1. Mentor everyone

Mentor programs help employees to get open and make a proper connection with seniors, peers and make them think outside the traditional way of work. Be like a coach to your employees and motivate them in the best thing they can do in the organization by improving related skills and employees become dynamic in the multi fields which will be saving the cost of the organization.

  1. Show creativity in motivation

Create small rewards to motivate them and it includes your creativity like you can arrange a gaming room where they can earn their own rewards and these rewards will prove their creativity. Anyhow hard work always pays off and it doesn’t get hidden.

At last it depends upon creativity of the employer that how he manages to motivate the employees and the above points can be used as the basic idea and it can be made much more interesting to motivate the employees.

This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for GST software, GST Return Filing, gst registration.

Five (5) Ways to Motivate Employees
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