2016 Internet Trends


Quick glimpse into 2016 internet trends

As we are at the midpoint of the year 2016, we thought we’d have a look back at the year thus far. This post is based on the results based on the report sourced at United Nations / International Telecommunications Union, US Census Bureau and the report by Mary Meeker.

2016 Internet and its users

The number of users of the Internet has hit 3 billion globally (i.e., 42% of world population) with a growth flat of +9% year by year and 7% year by year (excluding India). With 42% penetration at +9% Y/Y…+7% (excluding India). Moreover, Indian users on the Internet are seemingly increasing at an almost +40% as many as 33% year by year. With 22% penetration and hitting 277 Million members, India surpassed USA to gain second position in the global internet user market just behind China.

Smartphone Market

Smartphone users are slowing gradually almost a 10% difference, and also the smart phone unit shipments are decreasing absurdly with an 18% difference. However, Asia – Pacific being its major market, there was only an 18% increase in 7 years where a revolution took place. Smartphone shipments according to their operating systems has seen high growth year to year in Android followed by iOS. As far as the share market is concerned, Android Smartphone share gains continue as the iOS leaps a downward curve.

As per McKinsey, high mobile penetration in already more affluent countries and it is tough to gain new users in under developed countries.

More Notes

People are preferring videos as it can be seen through extensive popularity that has been gained by Snapchat and Facebook Live, which is used by most of the celebrities these days.

WhatsApp, Messenger and WeChat have played a key role in messaging.

Although China banned Facebook and other heavy traffic sites, it is in first position in internet trends comparably to the United States.

The voice-based technology will boom into the future as taken by the abrupt growth in its market and consumers.

As it is known that two tech giants – Google and Facebook control three-fourths of the US advertising and it is observed that advertisers going on vintage media than on the social media.

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