Neeraj Tayal
BREAKING co founder Neeraj Tayal charged with sexual harassment

The offence: Asha (name changed) was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a Mumbai – based financial company. Her work was going on smoothly until she met her senior colleague at the same company, Neeraj Tayal (aged 33). He kept making sexual advances towards her, and every time she resisted, he only took it up a notch. He started harassing her as way back as June 2013 until she quit her job in frustration! Tayal would frequently follow her to her home in the western suburbs of Mumbai and sexually assault her there. “Once he came to my residence at midnight and started forcing himself on me. I resisted and somehow I managed to get out of house. My neighbour witnessed the entire situation”, she told the police.

Asha’s complaint: Unable to tolerate his sexual harassment and after quitting her job, Asha lodged an FIR with the Mumbai police. But Tayal got out of jail through bail after spending just two nights in jail. He then fled to Delhi and co-founded the company called while Asha is struggling to find justice in Mumbai. Even in Delhi, Tayal did not cease to harass Asha. He sent a threatening message to her, demanding her to withdraw her case or face the consequences! The letter has a Hauz Khas, Delhi, postmark.

The shock for Asha: If Asha thought her complaint would bring her justice; she was in for a rude shock! Tayal had threatened the witnesses of the crime and made them flee Mumbai. Her domestic help had disappeared after living in Bandra for over a decade! Her entire family is also missing. Now, she has moved the Sessions Court, demanding that Tayal’s bail be revoked. Her lawyer Shailesh Kantharia said, “Witnesses in the case have received threats and disappeared. Hence, we have filed for cancellation of bail in the Sessions Court against the accused, Neeraj Tayal, who was working with a financial company in Mumbai at the time of filing the FIR. Tayal, who then exited the company, is now the founder of in Delhi.”  Asha was also shocked that the police had left out several important statements and evidences while filing the charge sheet. In July, Asha wrote to the police commissioner of Mumbai about the missing witness, requesting that her case be investigated afresh. However, the police have denied her allegations. “We have done everything according to the rule book. The charges leveled against the police are inappropriate,” said Ramchandra Jadhav, senior police inspector of Khar police station. He also seems unconcerned about the disappearance of the witness and said: “The charge sheet has been filed. When the case appears in court, according to the procedure, summons will be issued to the witnesses”. The next court hearing is scheduled on October 24.

Our take: Entrepreneurs like Mr. Tayal are a blot in the name of entrepreneur! They do not possess any of the qualities required for a startup entrepreneur and simply use their inherited wealth to threaten and sexually harass women. He thinks every woman should be like playgirls who should satisfy his sexual desires! The government of India should give non – bailable life imprisonment for such crimes to deter other lusty scoundrels from committing such crimes. Read more on Entrepreneurs co founder Neeraj Tayal charged with sexual harassment


  1. XYZ

    November 9, 2016 at 1:40 pm

    Yet, there’s hardly any traction from the media and TaxiVaxi is securing funding very shortly (tomorrow, I think)

  2. Sunita Tayal

    December 11, 2016 at 1:01 am

    Taxi Vaxi is nothing but a commission agent, fooling corporates.
    Let’s contact his clients and blacklist Neeraj’s company, if the owner is such a loose character person, what you can expect from his employees and drivers.
    Only way to tech a lesson to these Criminal is by avoiding their services and stop promoting them.

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