Tata Cliq sells faulty LG TV to customer

For most customers who trust in the brand name of Tata, this may come as a rude shock! A customer of Tata Cliq, called Devendrasing R. Deore had ordered an LG TV through their mobile app on October 5th, 2016. He was in for a rude shock when he discovered that the speakers of the TV were not working! He called their customer care number on October 8th and explained his situation. He thought that they will give prompt and quick resolution for his issue, being employees of the esteemed Tata group. But he was in for yet another rude shock! The customer care executive was very lax and uncaring towards resolving his issue. She told him that any product ordered either through their mobile app or their website is not eligible to receive technical support or replacement! Read more on Tata Cliq

While buying the TV, Mr. Deore had opted to pay for the TV by means of a monthly EMI (of Rs. 20,224/-). Frustrated with their pathetic customer service, he did not pay the EMI one month for which they had debited the entire amount for the TV from his bank account without warning him or informing him! Mr. Deore had to call the customer care helpline again for this issue on 19th of October, 2016. The executive who answered his call took a long time to understand his issue and there was lots of dead air on the call. Finally she assured him that they would send a technician to his house in three to four days’ time, who would either fix the issue with his TV or take it back completely. She also assured him that the entire amount for the TV, which had been debited from his bank account, would be refunded in 48 hours’ time. Mr. Deore has written an e-mail to them demanding that they implement whatever they had promised him else he would file a case in the consumer court!

Personally, I am shocked to hear of such a complaint against a Tata group company. I agree that no company can be flawless, but I certainly would expect a better handling of customers’ issues from an esteemed company like Tata! Mr. Deore has sent us an audio recording of his conversation with Tata Cliq’s customer care executive. This article is based on his recording. It is imperative that the company improves the quality of their customer service or else the company will definitely loose its image if this issue goes to the consumer court in the minds of Indian people. Read more on Startups

Tata Cliq sells faulty LG TV to customer
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