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PM Modi 96 year old mother exchanges currency at bank

In an absolutely surprising incident, PM Modi’s 96 year old mother came to Ahmedabad bank today afternoon at around 1:00 pm to exchange the demonetized Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes with her. After arriving at the bank in a wheelchair, she was helped inside by two ladies accompanying her. PM Modi’s mother named Heeraben Modi (96) exchanged her currency notes worth Rs. 4500 for the new Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 notes. Economic Affairs Secretary, Shaktikant Das yesterday announced that a separate queue would be created in banks for senior citizens and the physically handicapped. PM Modi was overcome by emotions when he was addressing an event in Goa on Saturday. He said that he had left his family behind for the sake of the nation. He also requested the citizens of India to bear with him for another fifty days after which, he assured that not even a black mosquito will exist in India. The new notes which are being issued by the RBI are harder to duplicate than the old notes. Read more on Black Money

PM Modi’s move to scrap Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes came under strong criticism from opposition parties, with TMC leading the charge. Opposition parties have been chalking out a joint strategy to take on the Modi government during the Parliament’s Winter Session. Congress, TMC, Left, JDU and RJD are among those planning to take the fight to the government in the parliament. PM Modi, however, assured the BJP MPs that they have the support of the people of India and advised them against succumbing to pressure from the Opposition. This winter session in the parliament promises to be a stormy one.

One cannot help but admire the determination shown by Heeraben Modi to stand by her son, Narendra Modi and to exchange her currency notes by coming all the way to the bank at the age of 96! She has demonstrated the concepts of equality, honesty and sheer will power. People, who had questioned as to why they should stand in long queues when they don’t have black money themselves, will shut their mouths after reading this news. In this context, I would like to share a joke with you all. Here it is:

Citizen: “I do not have black money! Why should I undergo the trouble of standing in long queues at ATMs and banks”?

Soldier: “I do not have any personal grudge against Pakistan. Then why should take their bullets, while guarding the LoC for you and your family”?

Heeraben Modi could have easily ordered her sons or daughters or servants to exchange money for her, while she took rest at home. But she did not! She did not think of herself as being superior to others and took the trouble of coming all the way to the bank to exchange the money herself at the age of 96! She preferred to do her work herself, despite the limitations of her age. All of us should take cue from this incident and support Modi by bearing the temporary inconvenience caused by the move, without complaining because this move is to eliminate black money from the Indian economy, which will do greater good to the country. The Government of India must also ensure that black money in the form of assets, gold, silver and shares, that is stashed in India and abroad, is also retrieved. Those who do not reveal their black money and deposit in banks must be punished severely. Only then will this move be completely purposeful and effective. Read more on Startup News

PM Modi 96 year old mother exchanges currency at bank
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