I guess Airtel is intimidated by Reliance Jio

airtel vs rjio

Reliance Jio blames Airtel for more than 2 Crore calls failing everyday

Reliance Jio is all over the news especially after a bold statement of blaming Airtel for 2 crore call failings happening every day.

Points of interconnects from Airtel are needed for calls that are made from Reliance Jio to Airtel. Airtel has agreed to release POIs on Saturday, but the POIs are not sufficient. Based on the current traffic between the two networks the POIs released by Airtel is sufficient for only one fourth of the required interconnection.

Apart from the POIs, Reliance also says that mobile number portability of Airtel customer to Reliance Jio is blocked on baseless and unsubstantiated grounds.

Our take on Airtel

  • Airtel is the market leader and they fear that Reliance Jio’s free voice and data
  • Airtel is halting POIs only to reduce quality of service of Reliance Jio
  • Currently data and call charge of this operator is highest because they provide the best service. If Reliance can provide similar service, they will lose their customers

Our take on Reliance

  • My previous article stated the call drop problem in Reliance. This is due to Airtel not releasing enough interconnection ports
  • Reliance is heavily funded and their free data and voice offers will cost business for other operators
  • Its been a week and RJio sim cards are not yet available in various cities. They should also look into this problem

It is clear that Airtel is scared of losing customers to reliance, nor can Airtel match to RJio’s offer of free calls and data.

Keep all the offers aside, Reliance is always a mystery to me, this is their historic formula. First they try to onboard as many customers as possible with attractive offers and later provide bad quality service to make profits.

Airtel has the best service in Hyderabad, and they should match to RJio offers but their USP is quality. They should give the asked POIs and unblock MNP. Their quality of service should pull back customer than are lost in RJio battle.

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