200 million Yahoo accounts on sale for $1,800


Yahoo is hacked and 200 Million user accounts on sale in dark web

According to Recode, Yahoo has been hacked and hundreds of user accounts are on sale in dark web for just $ 1,800/-

Yahoo’s journey is bumpier than ever. Their new CEO Marissa Mayer joined in 2012 could not revive the company’s business. Four years after appointing this ex-Googler the internet giant is being acquired to save the brand.

Now in the middle of this uncompleted acquisition Yahoo has to tackle this hack.

Three scenarios that can happen due to this hack

  • The new company (Verizon) has to bear the consequences of the hack
  • Verizon is buy Yahoo for the user base, if this information is available they will buy at $1,800 and save billions of dollars
  • Verizon will acquire the internet company at a lesser valuation

The acquisition could not be completed due to pending approvals from regulators, Yahoo and Verizon shareholders.

Earlier this summer Yahoo was investigating a breach in their data, which gave the intruder access to 200 million users account from 2012. These accounts were being sold in black market websites.

Yahoo sources say that the hacker could be “Peace” (hacker’s name) and they are selling Yahoo users account from 2012 in dark web for $ 1,800/- The data included user names, easily decrypted passwords, birth dates and other email addresses. Looking at the partner of this activity it looks like this is the same hacker that hacked LinkedIn mid this year.

As of now no email has been sent to Yahoo users asking them to reset their password. Yahoo is not confirming that this hack is legitimate. Yahoo is in the middle of being sold to Verizon at an undervalue of $ 4.8 Billion and this hack will put it in trouble

Corporate world is competitive and anything and everything is possible. Verizon could have initiated this hack through a third party individual to decrease Yahoo valuation. Yahoo is spreading this news of Hack to show that they have vital user data and their value should be much higher than $4.8 Billion.

This is just an opinion but the a conclusion can be given about this situation only after the acquisition. Till then stay tuned to IndianCEO

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