Zozz Launches app for on demand home healthcare service



Zozz, an innovative app-based on-demand healthcare service provider, is officially launched in Hyderabad. Zozz is synonymous with technological evolution of home-based healthcare services. The first of its kind service in Hyderabad, Zozz is powered by a user-friendly mobile app which gives seamless access to the best health experts in the city.

Elaborating on the mission of Zozz, CEO Jayadeep Reddy says, “Our mobile app is not just an alternative but the best solution in current times when most of us want to get healthcare and wellness services within the comfort zone of our homes. It is only technology which makes life in a city a lot easier by making unavoidable services at your doorsteps. We at Zozz believe in leveraging the potential of mobile technology in reaching out to you with quality healthcare services.”

On being asked about the mainstay of Zozz, he says that the mission is to connect you with the best doctors, physiotherapists, diagnostic labs and pharmacies for on-demand healthcare services in real time. Zozz seamlessly works through android mobile app (download link) to help you book appointments with health experts of your choice for a visit to your address, be it home or office or anywhere, within one hour.

Mr. Jayadeep Reddy adds that Zozz is aimed at redefining the way elderly care, physiotherapy and postoperative care is traditionally provided. The only purpose is to make you feel “Zozz”ed with love and care,” remarks Mr. Reddy ebulliently.

Following its launch in Hyderabad, Zozz will be on expansion across Bangalore and Chennai in the next three months while operating at its best to cater to the on-demand healthcare needs of Hyderabad. Finally, Zozz is here to ease your life, meet your needs and address your concerns.

About is the web address of home-based healthcare services on demand. It is founded by Mr Jayadeep Reddy, a serial entrepreneur with years of experience in healthcare technology. also provides a number of healthcare plans and packages for online buying. Besides, it integrates an active blog to educate users on how to stay healthy and fit in day-to-day life. The Zozz blog shares useful tips on right eating, home healthcare, yoga, etc. from experts.

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