Yes Bank ties with Silicon Valley based company GupShup

India’s fifth largest private bank, Yes Bank, has tied up with the Silicon Valley – based startup, GupShup, to enable AI driven chat interface with its customers and shareholders. GupShup will design a chat – bot named ‘Yes mPower’ for Yes Bank, which will explain the services provided by Yes Bank to its customers and shareholders. “The bot will be available through Facebook Messenger”, the company said in a statement on its website.

“AI driven conversations between brands and their consumers deliver better customer experiences while lowering costs through automation”, said Beerud Sheth, CEO of GupShup.

The bot facilitates conversations that address customer queries immediately. The bot is expected to increase product sales because of its great efficiency.

“We’re excited to partner with Gupshup to introduce this chat bot that transforms banking as we know it by offering a conversational interface to users”, Pralay Mondal, Senior Group President & Head of Retail and Business Banking at Yes Bank said.

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These days, customers of almost every bank in India receive numerous annoying calls regarding bank loans and the other services and facilities, which the bank provides. While this might be useful for some customers who are actually seeking loans or some other service offered by the bank, it is terribly annoying for the rest of the customers. By means of an AI driven, chat – interface, customers can get their queries answered quickly and that too when they actually want it. This makes the customers less irate and adds to the customers’ convenience and experience. The customers do not have to spend long hours in the bank or over the phone, talking to an agent to get their queries answered. More banks in India must follow suite and incorporate AI driven, chat interfaces into their websites to provide an effortless and seamless experience to their customers. Read more on Startup News

Yes Bank ties with Silicon Valley based company GupShup
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