Twitter don’t give your business to Facebook, Google or Microsoft


Twitter  lays off half of the resources at Bengaluru office, digital sources say that they are going for a buyout

There is lot of content online that says Twitter is looking for a buyout; Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are the picked sellers. In 2008 Barack Obama opted to use this digital channel to promote his digital campaign and today he served two terms as The President of United States of America. What I’m trying to say is that Twitter had and has an amazing reach to people’s smart phone.

My article on how AskMe employees can get their salaries was reached to more than 3K genuine AskMe related users thanks to Twitter.

Google and Microsoft want to be present in every field, while Facebook wants to dominate the social media. This is the trend for monopoly; causes a barrier for innovation and healthy competition.

Twitter lays off employees in Bengaluru

Twitter lays off the global engineering team at Bengaluru office. This story was first reported by YourStory saying 80% of staff would be laid off. But an official statement from Twitter says that only 50% of the resources would be affected by this move.

This decision is taken after business review from the micro blogging platform. They have acquired ZipDial more than a year back and these employees in Bengaluru are from Zipdial. Zipdial’s founders are now directors in the social media platform.

“Over the past 18 months, we have incorporated the technology and talent of our ZipDial acquisition across our company. As part of our normal business review, we have decided to stop the global engineering work at the Bangalore development centre. We thank the impacted individuals for their valuable contributions and are doing as much as we can to provide them a respectful exit from our company,” said a statement that was published in Times of India.

Twitter wants to have a foot in India, so they are hiring for other positions.

Many new developments are happening in Twitter since the return of Jack Dorsey as CEO. The 140 character limit will give more options. Adding media will not increase the character count. Sponsored content that includes videos have been launched. Businesses can have their clients contact them through tweets. New emojis have been introduced.

This Ganesh Chaturthi I was surprised to see Ganesh Emojis. For Independence Day I saw Indian Flag emoji and so on. Such initiative made me tweet more than ever.

Twitter don’t go for buyout, your users are your hidden treasure!

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