In today’s Social Media driven Life – is Customer still a King?

The father of the Indian Nation , Gandhi defined the customer as a king and the satisfaction of the customer is the foremost important part of running business.

Now, we are going for a U turn. We will segregate the customer based on the ranking and provide / deny service based on how they fair in the rank.
Uber , Ola and other Vehicle aggregators started providing feedback or rating to the Customer/passenger. The driver provides a rating to the customer after the ride is over.

Based on the rating, the customer’s future request are honoured.
Interesting isn’t it, the Customer who were thought to be a King as become a mere mortal. The customer, service provider and manufacturer are in same level. Based on rating, they will be serviced.
Which seems fair to some point. I still feel, customer is always right and we should keep them at a Immortal level (Can not be ranked for their performance).
This rating gets into a tangle, when rating are provided by Service provider / Manufacturer and the rating is based on the monetary side. For ex, Uber and Ola does not have tip option in the app, the tip is on top of the cost and it can be given to the provider as cash. When you tip the service provider, he/she will provide 5 star for the customer. If the customer feels, there is noting amazing in the ride and did not tip, it may have a negative impact on the Rating.

I feel, Tip itself is a negative motivator for general performance. When cost is associated for travel, What else is needed to be Tip the service provider?

We live in social media managed lifestyle, the likes , shares , downloads and comments of unknown are more important to the lifestyle. If the Rating of Service provider is part of the social, we the customer may take it seriously and be generous with the tip to make us look good.
Is this what the “Customer is King” all about.
Another vehicle aggregation (Lyft) did a smart move on these kind of rating, the driver or service provider has to rate the customer before any transaction happens. Which will at least make the rating unbiased. I still think, who is the service provider to rate the customer.
If these kind of Rating are continuous, The notion of Customer is a king will be reversed to Customer is a Beggar.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sravanthi Reddy

    May 11, 2016 at 12:43 pm

    A well written thoughtful article. Where can we rate this ? 😉

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