The Top 3 Casino Apps in India

 When it comes to casino apps in India, it seems as though there are an endless number of options that throw them selves at you to get your attention. Don’t get us wrong, there are a ton of amazing casino apps out there that are more than worth your time. 

However, when you factor in the obscene number of casino apps that are out there, the chances of you selecting the  right one for you are slim to none. This is where we come in. We plan on giving you a few options to choose from to allow you to get access to some of the best experiences possible, and all of the entries we are going to give you will be far superior to most other  alternatives out there.  

Let’s get straight into it.  


In stark contrast to our first entry, 10CRIC’s app features little bit of everything, including all of the most popular Indian games. 

In fact, many people cite that 10CRIC offers the best casino app in India, and in all reality, this might just be the truth. 

The number of games that 10CRIC offers is truly outstanding, and it would not come as a shock to discover that they  offer more games than any other app in the world. This isn’t only contained to Indian casino games. On the contrary;  they offer a wide array of games from all over the world. It is highly likely that you will be able to find anything you are looking for on the 10CRIC, and the number of options at your disposal will be almost unbelievable. 

 In addition to their wide selection of games, 10CRIC also gets praise for a plethora of other aspects of their design too. For example, they are known for having an incredibly easy to use app, and navigating through all of their games is an absolute joy. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at any 10CRIC  review and you will see many of the sentiments we talked  about reflected in the reviewer’s opinion. 

10CRIC truly is one of the best casino apps in India, or perhaps in the world as a whole. You just cannot go wrong with 10CRIC, and if you decide to give them a shot, you will be in good hands.  


If you look up a list of the best casino apps in India, no matter where you go, Roku is likely to be featured at some  point or another. 

Moreover, Roku’s popularity isn’t just some strange phenomenon. No, Roku is easily one of the best  casino apps on the market today and by the time we are finished talking about them, we are sure you will share this  belief too.   

When it comes to Indian casino apps, there are few alternatives out there that are able to match that of Roku. The  number of Indian-specific games this app has goes truly unrivaled, and if you are Indian yourself or just have a fondness for Indian casino games, then you couldn’t go with a better app. 

You can expect to find all of the most popular Indian casino games on Roku, and even some of the lesser-known games that are only known throughout Select locations in India can be found here.   

Roku truly is the king if you are just looking for an incredible Indian online casino. However, this is also where the  problem lies with Roku; they are primarily an Indian app.  

Sure, you may be able to find some games that are popular worldwide here like poker or blackjack, but if you are  looking for true diversity, Roku would not be a good choice.   

It would be fair to say that Roku doesn’t have a very wide selection of games from other countries, and for those of  you that also want to play other popular casino games that do not originate in India, then it is not likely that you will  be  happy here.  

However, if this is of no concern to you and you want to get access to a near endless list of Indian casino games, Roku  is the app you want, and there is no other app out there that is able to offer an experience akin to this.  

Ruby Fortune 

Ruby Fortune takes somewhat of a different approach to most casino apps, being that it is a little more “arcade” in  nature.   

By this, we mean that their themes and designs are a little more centered around an arcade rather than a casino, and  whilst this may seem like a bad thing for some, for others, it may be exactly what is wanted.  

 Ruby Fortune is a great option for those of you that are looking for something a little different from the standard  casino experience, and they offer their users an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.  

In addition to their unique style, Ruby Fortune is also just a stellar app overall. They have more than enough games on offer to please even the pickiest of players, and this extends far past just the most popular Indian games.  

They might not offer as many options as some other casino apps out there, but in reality, most people will be more  than satisfied with what they are able to give.  

Ruby Fortune will be a perfect fit if you are a fan of casino games but are not too keen on the serious nature that many other casino apps exude, and if this sounds enticing for you, you may want to give them a try.  

The three casino apps we featured on this list truly are some of the best options you have out there, and in reality, you are not going to be able to find much better if you tried.   

All of the options we gave you offer everything you could ever want from a casino app, and they manage to get so  many things right which most other companies seem to get wrong.  

If you are on the search for an amazing casino app, go through each of the options and see which one is the best for  you.   

Have fun. 

The Top 3 Casino Apps in India
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