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Education startup Math Buddy receives investments

Menterra Social Impact Fund has invested an undisclosed amount in Vadodara – based education startup, Math Buddy, which develops interactive mathematics learning products for CBSE schools. Its learning app is now employed in over 200 schools in 19 States of India. Math Buddy will use the money from the investment to expand its presence to about 2,000 schools during the next three years. Currently, according to Math Buddy’s co – founder, Kannan Bharadwaj, Math Buddy’s learning app is only employed in high – income schools. Math Buddy plans to expand its presence to low – income schools, for which it will set up a separate training and support arm to help these schools, use its mobile learning app.

This is the first time Math Buddy has received investments. The co – founders of Math Buddy, Kannan and Bharathy Bharadwaj, are both engineering graduates. Kannan Bharadwaj has completed B.Tech in IIT Chennai and has done MBA from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Bharathy Bharadwaj has done B.Tech from MIT in Chennai and MS in Computer Science from Eastern Michigan University. Math Buddy was founded in 2010 and its mobile app has over 1500 activities, 800 interactive worksheets and assessments and an online Olympiad. Math Buddy had designed its mobile app based on the detailed research it had done, on how math concepts are taught in different parts of the world. Its mobile app has a combination of hands –on activities and interactive software which are meant to support the effort by teachers and not replace them. Bharathy Bharadwaj also said that Math Buddy was working on regional language support and local curriculum alignments so that its mobile app could be used in all schools across the country. The co – founders of Math Buddy said that Menterra Social Impact Fund’s investment in Math Buddy was an indication of increasing interest in cultivating a start-up culture in Gujarat. They said that till now; mostly only students from cities had received support from learning apps, while there were deserving students in small towns and villages.  Menterra Social Impact Fund was founded on January, 2016 and the company invests between Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 4 crores on startups to get a minority stake in the companies. Read more on Investments

The students of today are the engineers, doctors, scientists, journalists and politicians of tomorrow. I firmly believe that nurturing the young creative minds of today will add valuable human resources to any country in the future. They may contribute immensely in various fields and make their country proud. India is one such country where there is abundance of talent on various fields. Nurturing these talents today could prove to be highly beneficial to the country in the future and may even make India a developed country in the future. Many students in India are in need of Math tutors either right from school or at least from collage. The hands on activities and interactive software provided by Math Buddy along with regional language support will definitely enhance the learning experience of students and will make, learning math, fun for students across India. The government of India must promote more of such innovative startups. Read more on Startup News

Education startup Math Buddy receives investments
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