Did you know weight loss is actually a mathematical equation?

weight loss

Weight loss is not all strenous and complex workout anymore. Let us find out.

We had a chat with Tony,  the creator and owner of MyCalorie Limit to find out more about the innovative techniques of losing weight.

What made you create a ‘weight reduction’ app when there are already several institutes, clinics and apps focusing on that?

People are very much of the opinion, that weight loss isn’t an easy process. It involves complex exercises,  diet and routine. But to my calculation, weight loss is a simple mathematical equation. The base of the equation is calorie deficit vs calorie surplus. The equation is simple but the challenge lay in making the calculation accurate. Of course before proceeding, I tested the formula on my body. The result was bang on. Then I convinced my friends and family members to try out the formula. The positive result with their weight management, oozed my confidence to go ahead and show the formula to the world.

So far a smooth journey or any challenge?

Well, the formula has one catch. What about the physical activity level, as body types differs. It is here that I had to do some permutation and combination with my equation. If two people have equal amount of weight, but their physical activities differ, then same diet plan can have differentiation in their weightloss. So I carefully had to calculate physical activity v/s food intake to bring about same results for different people. Thankfully I am quite close.

How did you come up with this idea?

Well, my inspiration to learn calculation for weight loss was my dad. All my life I have seen my father suffer from obesity. I did not want him to die soon due to overweight.  I wanted to gift him a good health.

I researched on my calculation first on papers,  calculators and then on my computer. I had to try it on myself first. My father saw the transformation in me. It was then that he knew he can trust my formula. My father weighed more than me, so he lost more weight than me.

Do you run it alone or do you have a team?

No, this startup is all mine. Till date I have only created the app and website and handle the business on my own.  The idea to open a weight loss app dawned on me about six years ago in Sweden and it is now that I have ultimately managed to develop the app.I have spent about 1000 $ on the app and 300 $ on press release

Since there are many apps for weight loss doing the rounds, how do you hope to rise?

I believe in my creation. My app is not for people who are already adept with technology. There are many who just own a smartphone and can barely download a app. My app cater to that category of people. They look for a simple solution to weight loss. I have kept the user manual as simple as possible. A person has to fill only three criteria. 1) Current weight. 2) Desired Weight. 3) Amount of Physical activity. ( There are five levels.) Once you fill the columns, the app calculates the amount of calorie you should take in to reach your desired weight.

What is your business model and how it is coming up?

Download is free. There is an ‘in app’ purchase. If you pay $1.99, you end up getting 30+ weight loss tips. I think that’s quite a fair deal if you are concerned and serious about weight loss. Currently there are about 1000 downloads of my app per month. I believe my app is working on reference basis. It takes few month for weight reduction. So once people are noticing the result,  they are referring the app to friends and families.

What is your future plan?

Well at this point, I have no financier for my app. Today’s weight loss industry are little skeptical about simple weight loss formula. I wish a big fish in this market buys my concept, and invest in my startup.  I want to grow more, as my startup has a lot of potential. Till now my app is purely based on references by word of mouth.


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