Indian cricketer Mohit Sharma invests in Crossahead

Mohit Sharma, the well-known Indian cricketer from Haryana has invested in the Noida – based art startup called Crossahead. In the recent years, we have seen quite a few Indian cricketers investing on startups. For instance, Yuvraj Singh’s fund, YouWeCan, has invested in a total of ten startups, including Vymo and Robin Uthappa has invested on the startups HealthEminds and Itiffin. Crossahead provides a mobile app or a platform through which customers and artists can connect with each other. Right from customers who need artists to help them out with their daily art chores to occasional customers who need art for a special occasion, Crossahead connects them all. According to Gaurav Walia, Crossahead is a one – of – its – kind platform. “This is a portal quite different from any of its kind launched till now, as it provides consumers the option to choose from a wide range of genuine artists from a variety of fields whether they be makeup artists, choreographers, Event Artists or Tattoo artists”, said Gaurav Walia, cofounder of Crossahead. Read more on Mobile Apps

“In this era where market has gone online, Artists community seems to have been highly unorganized and Crossahead aims at bringing all the professional artists on a single platform, therefore making it easier for all the users to find an artist of their desire, online. Crossahead is creating an ecosystem wherein the job opportunities for artists are generated and bridging the gap that prevails in between the artists and the common people whether it be the problem of artists with all the talent not receiving due recognition amidst the masses or the trouble and hassles people face while looking for professional artists to help them for their creative requirements”, says Vishvendra Chaudhary, cofounder of Crossahead. Artists can list themselves in Crosshead by creating their profiles by providing details of their work, address details, personal details and further fulfilling the required steps. Users can look up genuine artists by clicking on the Home or Our Artists tab. Users can also book or promote artists through social media in the tabs.  Users can download their mobile app via Google’s Play Store. Till date, 10,000 plus artists have registered in Crossahead’s web/ mobile app and the platform has more than a million registered users. That number is expected to double by the end of 2017 as Crossahead plans to provide more user – friendly features in its app and website. The links for its website and mobile app are:


Android App:

Art is one such domain which is under – appreciated and tapped into throughout the world. There are many arts – lovers in India but artists are not able to find a suitable job for themselves, befitting their talent, due to connectivity problems. Similarly arts – lovers are also not able to find good art work done by prominent artisans due to connectivity problems. Crossahead will be welcomed and adored further by art lovers and artisans alike because it creates job – opportunities for artists and access to good art work for customers. If a person promotes an artist and/or his/her work in any social media website, it could enhance career opportunities for the artist and also make a lot more arts – lovers aware of good art work done by artists. Thus it’s a win – win situation for both artist and art – lover. The government of India should promote more of such useful startups just like the famous Indian cricketer, Mohit Sharma did. Read more on Startup News

Indian cricketer Mohit Sharma invests in Crossahead
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