Kidnurture app helps you monitor your child growth

Becoming a parent brings with it a lot of responsibilities and requires utmost care and attention from our side. These days, mostly, both husband and wife go to work and are unable to spend enough time with their child. Therefore some deficit in developments on various domains can occur and are usually not noticed by the parents until very late, when it becomes impossible to cure those deficits. To help parents across the globe, bridge this problem, Anurag Sharma, has founded a startup called Kidnurture, which through its mobile app helps parents monitor their child’s physical and mental growth. They also have a website by the name, Anurag Sharma has worked in the software industry for around thirteen years and a personal experience has led him to found the startup. “Being a parent I noticed a gap between what pediatricians say and what is done. Pediatricians advise us you to monitor the growth and development. Despite coming from a family of doctors, I was unaware of so many developmental issues in my own child”, explains Anurag Sharma. He also quoted the movie, Taare Zameen Par, as an example. He said that parents in that movie notice that their daughter had the problem of Dyslexia, very late, despite coming from an affluent and educated family. Realizing this was a serious concern that needed to be addressed, Anurag Sharma studied pediatrics for a year. To aid in his research, he met 50- 100 doctors across India, all of whom were leading experts in the field!

Developmental and socio – emotional lags can be subtle and occur in children who appear to be developing typically. Most children who could benefit from early intervention”, says Sharma. Their app helps parents address the issues of premature babies, babies with low birth weight and babies who suffer from organ deficits (which can lead to Dyslexia, Learning disability and other health issues). Parents can create a profile for their children in the mobile app and monitor their children’s growth. “It’s a software tool for parents and doctors as also organizations working for child health. We created it as a web product, where parents can create a profile for their kid. The software then guides them on what they should monitor and at what age. It gives them an analysis on whether the child is missing any milestone”, Anurag Sharma said. “It has automated standard pediatric tools and is a well thought out patient communication and engagement solution”, he added. The startup continually adds new features to its app to provide better assistance to parents. When asked about the future plans for Kidnurture, Anurag Sharma said, “We want to take it beyond India and make it a platform of choice for all professionals. Also, we want to reach out to rural areas where these issues are neglected in children. We are trying to work on a model where we can provide multilingual content”. Read more on Mobile Apps

Kidnurture is a ‘need of the hour’ app as far as India is concerned. Especially in rural India, parents do not know about the importance of monitoring their child’s growth before sending them to school. The deficits of their child are noticed only after sending them to school when it is too late to address them. Even then, no action is taken to remedy the situation! Early intervention helps parents address development and socio – emotional lags before sending their child to school, so that they can become bright children and contribute to the nation in some way. Parents can know what milestones to keep track of and at what age before sending their child to school. Any deficit in mental or physical growth can be addressed before hand and thereby save a child. I seriously hope Kidnurture becomes a global company someday and helps parents all over the globe save the lives of their kids. The government of India should promote more of such useful startups. Read more on Startup News

Kidnurture app helps you monitor your child growth
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