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Indian Edutech startup Notesgen becomes the top app

Notesgen is the world’s fastest growing student to student notes exchange platform. It had announced on Sunday that it had reached rank number 2 in Apple’s educational app store, making it the Top ranked Indian app in the educational sector. It has surpassed other Indian learning apps like Byju’s, My Study Life etcetera. “We have seen a significant growth in adoption, traffic and usage of our platform. Within the last three weeks we have seen over 30,000 installs, 15,000 new users, 2500 new notes and a daily traffic of nearly 4000 users a day”, said Manak Gulati, Founder & CEO of Notesgen. Read more news on Notesgen.

Notesgen provides personalized ready-made study notes for students attending school, college and competitive exams. Notes made by students are considered to be simpler than those given by teachers, lecturers and teaching professionals at coaching centers. Many students who have achieved good grades in exams owing to their notes have found satisfaction in helping other students and have also earned through the process. Boyed by their recent success, Notesgen is planning to expand its footprint globally. It will develop region – specific pricing for its app. It will also start a student ambassador program that will motivate students to upload notes for on-going lectures. “We hope to have a presence in 100 college campuses by March 2017”, said Naresh Gunda, VP of the marketing sector at Notesgen.

Manak is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. He said, “I am blown away by the success Notesgen is getting. I did not think that my idea will have such global appeal. It inspires me to go beyond my abilities and create a platform that can serve the most remote student with the best student notes from all round the globe”. Notesgen has been mentored by Mr. Arvind Jha, ex-head of engineering at Adobe India and a leading technologist and digital /social media strategist. Notesgen’s investors include Mr. Satya Narayan, founder and CEO of Career Launcher and Mr. Rajeev Saraf, CEO of Lepton Software, a leading GIS technology company. Read more on Startup News

Indian Edutech startup Notesgen becomes the top app
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