Now you can hire helpers to stand in queues for you at ATMs

Ever since it was announced on November 8th, 2016, that Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes would not be legal tender from that day forth, people of India have been rushing to banks and ATMs to exchange or withdraw their money. This has led to the formation of serpentine queues outside of ATMs and banks across the country and has caused lot of delays and frustration to the people of India. Some people have criticized the government strongly for the inconveniences caused. If you are one among the people of India, who are tired of standing in long queues outside of ATMs and banks across India, if you do not want to waste your time by standing in queues and have more important work to do, if you want to hire someone else to stand in queues and get the money for you, you need not fret anymore! The Noida – based startup called enables you to hire helpers, on demand, to do your work for you. The helpers do all kinds of household work for you like cooking, shopping, cleaning, shifting etcetera, with the exceptions of cleaning you toilets and washing your clothes (J). Recently, the company has announced, that their helpers will also stand in queues outside ATMs and banks to withdraw and/or exchange your money for you. The company assures that all their helpers are above eighteen years of age and are on regular payrolls and are not hired randomly on short – term contracts. Read more on Mobile Apps

Satjeet Bedi, is one of the founders of the startup and is 28 years old. He said that he got the idea of founding such a startup through an incident that happened in his life. He said, “I was in the hospital, helping my folks manage. And I just couldn’t step out anywhere for a long time. So I called one of my hospital boys to go out and get cash for me”. Satjeet Bedi said the startup was initially launched to enable people to get their groceries delivered at their doorsteps. The principal aim, initially, was to compete with established companies like Grofers or BigBasket. But Satjeet Bedi saw an opportunity in the difficulty caused by the recent demonetization. He then announced that the company’s helpers would extend the services provided, by also standing in queues outside of ATMs and banks to withdraw and/or exchange money for their customers!

When asked about how his company is doing so far, he said, “We’ve been getting a lot of traction”. A customer care executive, working for their company, said that they were getting around nine to ten calls an hour with people hiring ‘chotus’ or helpers. He said that about 90 percent of their customers choose to pay online for bookmychotu’s services. The packages listed on their website start from Rs. 90 for one hour and goes up to Rs. 550 for eight hours. Their company had faced severe criticism on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LikedIn for using the term ‘chotu’ in their company’s name and website as the term refers to the much condemned act of ‘child labor’ in North India. To this, Satjeet Bedi replied, “It helps people immediately realize that it is a help – providing platform. For me, personally, the term ‘chotu’ means something that is sweet and dear to you”. He also added, “The Company’s policy clearly states that the term ‘chotu’ was chosen for brand recognition”.

Irrespective of what the term ‘chotu’ means to Satjeet Bedi and his company, the idea thought of by Satjeet Bedi, is a truly brilliant and need of the hour one as far as India is concerned. Ever since the demonetization, people in India have grown tired of standing in serpentine queues outside of ATMs and banks to withdraw and/or exchange their money. Some people said that it was a waste of time for them and that they could not do other important work because of the demonetization. They have strongly criticized the PM Modi led, BJP government for all the inconveniences caused. Now, all that is about to change with the services provided by the startup, If you have other important work to do and do not want to waste your time by standing in long queues outside of ATMs and banks, you can now hire a helper on demand through website or their mobile app. The helpers will now take the pain of standing in long queues outside of ATMs and banks, under the hot sun, to exchange and/or withdraw your money. The services provides will be useful even after the demonetization scheme of the Modi government is fully implemented. People will still need help with shifting, cooking, shopping or cleaning among other requirements. Doorstep grocery delivery service provided by will be in demand always. It will grow to be a giant in the industry, competing with Grofers and BigBasket. Satjeet Bedi is truly a visionary and an optimist who turned the difficulties caused by the demonetization into a business opportunity for his company. He is a living example of the proverb, ‘A pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity whereas an optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty’. Hats off to Satjeet Bedi for his brilliant and need of the hour idea. Read more on Startup News

Now you can hire helpers to stand in queues for you at ATMs
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