HealthKart sends stone to a customer instead of Whey Protein

healthkart scam

Loyal customer of HealthKart receives a stone instead of Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Gold Standard and Creatin

Shashank Tiwari a fitness freak and a loyal customer of HealthKart receives a stone when he ordered for an Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Gold Standard (5Lbs) + Optimum Nutrition creatin. The order with id# HKM-62885-4304021 was placed at HealthKart website on 15th September 2016. The order value is Rs 8,490/-. The parcel was handed to Shashank (today, 20th September) from eKart. He felt wired since the packed order  weighed less than 5 LBS. He made the eKart delivery boys wait while he opened it right in front of them.  Here was the shocker; he found a big stone instead of ON Whey Protein + Creatin. The delivery boys suggested that he should take a picture and send it to HealtKart immediately. He did the same.

He called up customer care of HealthKart somewhere around 10.20am (order was received at 10am on 20th September) and they asked him to send a picture to [email protected] . He received a message of acknowledgement but did not receive any call from them till now (spoke to him at 6pm, 20th September). Below is the message sent to me from Shashank Tiwari on Facebook.

HealthKart is an aggregator of health, fitness, and beauty products. In this case the order was processed by HealthKart but the products were shipped by their vendor Acquamarine Healthcare Pvt Ltd. I too ordered more than a dozen times and HealthKart never sent me a stone. The more shocking aspect is, I too received whey proteins from the same vendor, Aquamarine.

HealthKart was started in 2011 by Prashant Tandon and Sameer Maheshwari . This is a 250+ employee company with $12M in funding from two rounds. Companies like these should keep quality in mind. Incidents like these can hurt customer feelings and loss off existing clients. Amazon also provides the same services. They are already dominating the e-commence market in India and such incidents will make people to jump to Amazon if quality is assured. We hope Shashank gets his refund or a genuine product and HealthKart stops these scams. Read more on startup scam

Update as of 22nd September 2016 – 12:20pm

Mr Shashank received a call from HealthKart manager (Umang) informing that the refund will be processed within 48hrs. We spoke to the same manager to get the facts. As per CCTV footage the package has been packed with the ordered items. The item must have being picked during the delivery, by EKart. HealthKart said that the investigation is in process and they will give us the exact root cause post the investigation.

Umang told me that their marketing team will get in touch with me to give a statement. Bhaskar from marketing called and gave me the same facts that Umang gave. Further he said that he will mail be an official statement. Its 2:48pm, 22nd september and I did not receive any communication from his end. He informed me that the they are shipping ON protein+Creatin to Shashank, while Shashank was informed by Umang that they will refund the order. Clearly the marketing is not aligned to handle customers during such events.

Official Statement from HealthKart sent to us at 2:58pm, 22nd september

Bhaskar Bharti, Digital Marketing, sent us an official statement. “At HealthKart, our objective is to provide quality supplements and customer experience. When we came to know about the Shashank’s case, our team started working on it immediately. Post initial investigation, our warehouse team confirmed that the product was shipped with proper packaging.
We got in touch with Mr. Shashank & had explained the complete situation. The refund had been initiated after his confirmation. We are also taking this up with the logistic partner very seriously to dig deep into this matter. To make things clear, allow us to explain the shipping process, please. Properly-packed, genuine products are shipped from our warehouses via third party courier partners. At times, during the transit, such false activities happen which may result in situations like this. We definitely consider this as our responsibility and are taking necessary actions as well. We aim to constantly improve and hope such cases won’t happen again.”
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. abhishek

    September 21, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    Healthkart authencity guaranteed L.O.L
    Did the guy checked the authenticity of that stone?
    I think ordering ON instead of muscleblaze get him that stone.

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