Go Apps Which are Ready to Go For Android Oreo Go Version

Yes, I know this has been the sizzling talks of the tech town for quite a while now. But, this is the final announcement of the list of apps which are ready to be launched for the Android Oreo Go version. I know by now, you will already be knowing what exactly is Go version for but if not, let me give a short reminder before we move on to the list of apps.

This is basically the lighter version of Android, which was announced last year when Android one was not of a major success. Yes, these devices are still available, but its market didn’t flourish as much as they expected to. Google has partnered with some of the vendors to launch mobile devices for Android Oreo Go version. It is expected to see Micromax, Lava, Karbonn, and Intex to launch Android Oreo Go devices. The basic ideas were to make the budgetary phones work efficiently, keeping the developing countries and emerging economies in focus. The existing apps cannot work with entry-level devices and hence Google has developed Go apps. Android has come up with some of the Android app development and is in the Play store for you to download for free. Now, the question is will the Android Oreo Go succeed or not? Here is a list of Go apps:

Google Go
So, what exactly is Google Go and how does it work? It’s easy. You can access all the things of your interest just with a single app. You can hunt for the images and GIFs of your choice and share it with your loved ones. The app also makes your search process easier and faster with smart suggestions. You can also know the trending news and also in the language of your choice. The light app will let you access the most relevant information for searching the web and also allow the voice search for the mobile devices. For entailing you with the more personalized experience, you are allowed to set the background image of your choice which you desire to see when you intend to search for anything.

Files Go
The Files Go is not much different from what we get at the current date what makes it different is its offline sharing feature. The user will be able to get more free space on their mobile device and able to search the files they are looking for more rapidly. The files Go app will also give you suggestions for cleaning the cache files and other useless files to free up space for any future use. The feature of offline sharing will also enable you to transfer the files in a secure and free manner.

Google Assistant Go
This app is meant to lure the users with navigation and voice control features. Now, it’s not just the music and calls that are hands-free, getting answers to the questions have also become hands-free now with Google Assistant Go.

YouTube Go
This app allows the user to download the videos and save your data pack. This is really amazing when you are in a location with the bad network. Countries which have bad internet services or even the expensive internet services enjoy this feature the most. Just like the usual YouTube, you can access the videos of your choice and also the one which is trending.

Google Maps Go
The light Google Maps Go lets the user have an eye on the quick directions, get real-time traffic news, get map details, check the walking directions, check live transmit transformation, and also get the address and contact details of the place you are searching for.

Go Gmail

The latest addition to Go series is Go Gmail which comes with ligter version of Gmail app. These apps are available on all other platforms other than just Android Oreo.

Go Apps Which are Ready to Go For Android Oreo Go Version
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