Featured Apps Gets 800% Increased Downloads Through iOS 11’s New App Store

It’s not been a long time since the launch of new App Store in iOS 11. It was in September, not a long ago I know. The result which this newer launch has gained is tremendous. The basic agenda of this newer app store was to entail the newer and deserving app better user exposure and improvised app discovery experience to the users. This big step proved to be highly beneficial for the app downloads. The results proved that those apps that got featured in this new app store were able to surge its number of downloads by 800%. I know its way too high. The major impact was created through the app of the day and game of the day. These are not mere words, they are observed and proved facts. The data has been curated since September 2017 till the current date and then this conclusion has been released.

The study made a comparison between the download number of one of the apps that were featured as the game of the day. Prior to getting featured as game of the day, the app hyped 802% in downloads post getting featured. The app which was featured as the app of the day observed an increase of 685%. There are also some other ways of getting featured like in the new app stories which again showed an incredible increase of 222% and getting featured in the App list showed an immense increase of 240%. So, I guess on the part of the developers, this revamped app store really proves to be a glittering opportunity to showcase itself and get user attention.

The market for iOS apps has immensely and hunting for new and functionally best apps was becoming challenging on the part of the users. Before this new apps, developers have to find many other tactics to make their app rank high on the app store. This will leave the users bewildered whether the app is actually deserving and that good or is placed at that position just because of the paid promotional tactics. The authenticity of the iOS app store is questioned and the trust of users is shaken because of such manipulation. This has made Apple take some steps and iPhone app development companies a warning to keep their up to date to keep them live in the store.

The editorial guidelines have been made stringent and focus has been shifted to what users are looking for. There are several commendable activities that Apple has started like gathered theme-based collections, developers interview about apps and articles about different apps. What iOS app store has done is keeps the store updated with unique and fresh content availing the users a reasonable and interesting reason to return to the app store. This app store is not just a platform to make available your app to the user, but a platform to seek mobile app development knowledge, know whats new, whats trending and keeping the users engaged.

What made Apple take such huge step and come up with the new app store was to avails the small and medium-sized mobile app development companies the limelight that they deserve. Is it actually happening? The prior reports of the revamped app store accused Apple of putting the big brands into attention instead of the smaller ones. It concluded that the brands like CBS and Starbucks or game developers like Glu and EA were getting the attention and hitting their download numbers even more. This is partially true, it was concluded that 13 out of 15 apps that reached the featured apps in the app store has 1 million downloads since the launch of the newer app store. It’s not that the Apple intentionally wants to highlight these apps but these developers already have some of the popular apps. Hence, when these apps have an update or roll out some new release, users will pay attention to it which will get them featured.

Featured Apps Gets 800% Increased Downloads Through iOS 11’s New App Store
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